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    Default Dior Jules: The Prodigal Son Returns

    Well well.....

    Dior Jules has been in my wardrobe for about a year ever since Costello endowed me with a .5oz decant....I didn't really get it at first...Kinda grouped it in the same jailcell with Dior Eau Sauvage, YSL Pour Homme, YSL Haute Concentration....It was like EH same old same old...

    Then today Dior Jules return to my hand like the prodigal son...and wow I almost dismissed this out of my wardrobe forever!

    Musk, civet maybe.....a *tad* sweetness provided maybe by a little benzion or vanilla coupled with a woods base and a cinnamon note that pulls you into the pyramid and stays throughout the what a good fragrance!

    A year well spent!

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    Default Re: Dior Jules: The Prodigal Son Returns

    Did someone say 'cinnamon'? ((looking around))

    Jules, like so many Guerlain fragrances, I still have not tried.
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