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    Default Thoughts on 4 Samba Frags.

    I've had these a while now, and my opinions have changed (sometimes more than once) on each of them. I think I've become more sensitive to strong smells now, so I can appreciate the Samba frags more than I used to.

    Samba Nova: Interesting mint and floral, which on paper smells great. On me, over time, it has the interesting property of smelling different, sometimes even like a nice curry dish. There's also a "synthetic note" that some may not like, but it's mild so I don't mind, since it dissipates (or I get used to it).

    Samba Red: I think this may be the best technically, but I've come to regard it as too "perfumey" for me. Sometimes it smells like wine, and it has a skin musk quality, but it may be just a bit too sweet for me.

    Samba Viva: This one is also a skin musk, with a damp green leaf quality, like you might smell in the produce section of a health food store. I've come to like it, but I think I sprayed too much when I first tested it. Now one or two sprays is the most I'll use.

    Samba Kiss: When I first got this, it smelled like berries to me. Then I started trying much stronger frags, and this smelled like almost nothing. Now I like it again. I'd say it has a strong berry quality, with hints of licorice and chocolate. The drydown is subtle but lasts a long time.

    I'd be curious to hear what others think about these four, or other Sambas for men that they've tried.
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