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    Default My Field Trip to Barney's

    Last night I met ComDiva at the Boston Barney's for a little sniffin' and acquirin'. We went becaue the new Serge Lutens 5 o'Clock Gigembre was in and Comdiva wanted to get a sniff. With all the talk about it my curiousity was also piqued. I was mainly interested in trying the Comme des Garcons/Monocle Hinoki. Comdiva has been my Scentmother and I wanted her to guide me through some of what she thought would be good on me.
    We met by the Serge Lutens display and got a sniff of the 5 o'Clock Gigembre. It smells just like it sounds like it would. For me I don't particularly want to smell like a gingerbread cookie but I can see the attraction. We got Roberto, the awesome SA, off to a busy start by asking him to make a sample for ComDiva. In fact before I go on we post a lot about SA's who are less than knowledgeable and/or unfriendly. Well we had the opposite experience last night as we occupied close to an hour of Roberto's time and he made samples for us, picked up on the drift of what we were doing and really became the third member of our field trip. This is what good SA's should do and I just wanted to say that at the top.
    With 5 o'clock out of the way it was time for ComDiva to suggest a couple of Lutens for me. I have Ambre Sultan, Cedre, and Chene. First I wanted to try Chergui due to the amount of wears this one gets. For me it wasn't as good as I expected. ComDiva then had two suggestions, seconded by Roberto, of Daim Blond and Gris Clair. These were definitely more in my style than Chergui. ComDiva and Roberto both raved about the apricot to suede shift in Daim Blond and it is amazing. Both of these will be my next Lutens buys. I was sniffing my right wrist and forearm for most of the T-ride home as both of these just continued to develop and shift. I'm going to have to give Chergui a chance on my skin just to make sure I'm not missing something.
    We then moved on to the Malles. Once again, ComDiva had a suggestion of En Passant for me and my Scentmother is so very smart. This lilac is something I've been looking for and it was perfect light and beautiful. We moved on to the roses of Une Rose and Lipstick Rose, I like them but didn't love them. Lipstick Rose does conjure up the classic Coty lipstick scent that many of us associate with a mother or grandmother. I'm pretty sure I don't want to smell like my grandmother plus the analysis bills would eat into my perfume spending. We sprayed Angelique Sous La Pluie but I found it too light and am wary of its longevity. I will try it later.
    We then moved on to try the Comme des Garcons-Monocle Hinoki this I sprayed on my left wrist and I immediately loved this. It is a green woody scent that just took off on my skin. We then went through a number of other scents but finally I bought the En Passant and Hinoki. As we were bagging up our purchases i started talking about the i Profumi di Firenze and Roberto took us back to the counter and made samples of Vaniglia del Madagascar and Brezza di Mare. Based on Hoos advocacy of this line I'm looking forward to trying both of these. Then one last shot, Roberto pulled out the Carthusia's. We sniffed Uomo first and that was amazing especially after sniffing Aria di Capri I went back and smelled the Uomo strip again and there was an amazing shift. We sniffed Fiori di Capri and Mediterraneo but I kept coming back to the Uomo strip. I finall sparayed some on the left crook of my arm and was sniffing this all night long. Roberto made a sample of this for us too. Finally it was time to say goodbye to my lovely Scentmother ComDiva and catch the train home. I am sure we were both the best smelling things on both of our trains.
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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    Holy Moley.. very interesting observations

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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's


    Thanks for posting this. I'm envious that you have a ScentMother. What a great gift to have. It sounds like you and ComDiva had a great time.

    I've been to Barney's frag counter once here in SF and the SA was terrific. They are head-and-shoulders above N-M and just slightly ahead of Nordstrom. The SA I had was friendly and knowledgeable. He suggested without pushing and we had a very nice discussion about frags. Barney's will be getting more of my business. They're doing something right.

    I'm abashed that my newbie ravings have been seriously considered. Thank you. I hope you won't be disappointed in the iPdiF frags. I haven't sampled the Vaniglia - HM kind of ruined vanilla in frags for me. It will be interesting to hear another guy's experience with them.

    Big congratulations to you on your willingness to learn and big congratulations to ComDiva on her willingness to share and guide.

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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    I'm green with envy.....wishing I was close to a Barneys and could take a train.....Wow....that alone would be a blast.
    I will have to give this Comme des Garcons scent some thought.....Thanks for this post. My mind went back to the 2 times I've been to Barneys in NY and the 1 time in LA.

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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    That, to me, is the perfect night out. Thank you for posting this.
    Looking for a sample of Gucci Envy Me.

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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    Wow - what a wonderful fun night for you SomervilleMetroMan. I'm super jealous...ComDiva is my 'sis' and even I haven't gotten to go fragrance sniffing with her. One of these days...

    We were definitely on the same wavelength SMM, because last time I was in Barneys (in LA) I was also interested in trying the 5OCG from Serge first. Once I got that out of the way, I could relax and browse the rest.

    Barney's SA's are wonderful, aren't they. I know that many other stores have some standout sales associates, but Barney's (as a rule) really are highly knowledgeable about fragrances, usually fragrance fantatics themselves and extremely generous. It's almost like encountering a Basenoter, when you walk into a store. Well, a Basenoter that wants to sell you something

    Just the Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle line are so huge alone - every time I encounter them I can only sniff a few at a time. And don't worry SMM, I pretty much don't 'get' Chergui either. Oh well, there's a ton of other SL scents I love. In fact, I have a sample of the 5OCG at home, I'll probably wear it this week.

    En Passant, huh? Well, EN is definitely one of the more 'edgy' Malle scents IMO. To me, the cucumber and faint cereal (bread) accord is quite fascinating. It is the one scent that really captures Spring so well. And, everyone knows already how I love Hinoki. Next time you encounter the Carthuisia line, please try Numero Uno. A wonderful chypre, I've called it a 'Mitsuoko for Men' before and I will say it again. A classy chypre with tons of oakmoss notes yet extremely sexy and masculine.

    Post your thoughts about the i Profumi samples you got, when you can!
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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    would you folks consider opening up the ranks to another field-tripper? I'm in Boston often, and only live an hour away!
    This sounds like it was LOADS of fun.

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    Default Re: My Field Trip to Barney's

    Roberto is awesome! He always looks after us when we go to Barneys.
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