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Thread: DryDowns

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    Red face DryDowns

    Hi basenoters !
    Please comment on this with your reccomandations what to try/buy ....
    I would like to exchange some opinions/experiences about the fragnaces drydowns...
    For me, good parfume must have drydown , it can't reveal all of the magic in the begining.
    Some parfumes smells after 1,2, or 3 hours just like they smelt when you sprayed them on you self, of course , less intensive , but there is no transformation happened...
    So, what are parfumes you could reccomend me that have that some kind of special transformation/drydonw after some period ?
    After experiencing that extraordinary transformation to superb(for me) drydown of JPG Le Male last few weeks, i felt i must open thread about the drydowns so i could get precious info's from you all about your experiences.....

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    Default Re: DryDowns

    Cool Dry Down transformations

    Varvatos (original and vintage)
    YSL scents m7 fresh, Rive Gauche, Kouros
    Grey Flannel

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    Default Re: DryDowns

    Hey irish , thanks for replying...
    Are all of those scents you mentioned for man ?

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    L'air du Desert Marocain has one of the best transitory drydowns of any scent Ive smelled! Heaven!

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    Hey guys,
    i catch some time to read first few reviews about Varvatos and L'air du Desert Marocain , later i'll definetly read the rest and reviews of other scents you mentioned. From what i could read till now , those two looks like a good buy for me....
    @Dimitri, could you please wrote what are those beauties you are using ? i am so interested ...

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    Some that have a great development from the topnotes to the drydown, changing a lot are for sure
    DZONGKA (from floral to green to leather to incense)
    YSL Opium PH edt (from blackcurrant to vanilla and balms)
    Colonia Assoluta (from pepper to soapyness to musky warmth)
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Guerlain Jicky
    Chanel Antaeus

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    Chanel Egoiste would have the most 'progression' of any of the frags I own.
    And as already stated, Rive Gauche changes alot after drying down, although I find it almost does a 'cycle.' About 6-8 hours after spraying it, the shaving cream in the top-notes starts to come out again.
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    Default Re: DryDowns

    Quote Originally Posted by tonijel View Post
    @Dimitri, could you please wrote what are those beauties you are using ? i am so interested ...
    Hi again!
    From l-r we have:

    Tom Ford Black Orchid, Penhaligon's Love Potion No.9 For Him, Costume National Scent Intense, Narciso Rodriguez For Him, Carthusia Uomo, Hermés Eau d'Orange verte, Mugler Cologne, Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa, Andy Tauer L'air du Desert Marocain.

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    The best "transformer" notes go to Guerlain Habit Rouge: Starts off with a Jicky-like blast - progresses to sweetness then to patchouli-amber then the patchouli fades into rich vanilla-amber. All with an addicting dusty note. I think it is entertaining as it dries down, and the final dry down is terrific as well. Overall this is a great progression, only if you like the strong Patchouli in the middle - and it is not a clean Patchouli - but what many people associiate with a "headshop." Keep in mind this one was made in 1965 a decade before the use of Patchouli oil to cover up pot smoke and the "hippie headshop" connections.

    I really like the Fleur de Male drydown - the indolic notes of the florals come out and the whole thing has a "wilted flower" spent feeling.

    And Mouchoir de Monsieur has a good drydown - civet & vanilla - after progressing through several things first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonijel View Post
    Hey irish , thanks for replying...
    Are all of those scents you mentioned for man ?
    Yes they are, however i should have been more precise. "Rive Gauche" is a scent for women. The complete name of the mens version is "Rive Gauche pour Homme"

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    Default Re: DryDowns

    Not only do fragrances transform during drydown, they transform your bank account too.
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    Default Re: DryDowns

    Heritage by Guerlain (the Eau de Parfum)
    Trumpers Sandalwood by Geo F. Trumper
    Eau des Merveilles by Hermes
    Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens
    Neroli by L'Occitane (sadly, discontinued)
    Opium Pour Homme by Y.S.L. (the Eau de Parfum)
    Tabac Blond and Caron Pour Homme by Caron

    To name a few...
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