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    Default Creed Royal English Leather

    I've been considering buying another Creed, and since I love rich, full, nearly gourmand scents, I thought I would look into REL.

    How does this stuff pair up the Knize Ten? And does anyone know where I can obtain a legitimate sample of the juice?

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    REL isn't rich or gourmandy - it smells *alot* like a certain handsoap you can find at rest-stops on interstate highways. It's nice, but that association kills it for me!
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    Default Re: Creed Royal English Leather

    I have a sample of each. I find REL and Knize Ten share a lot of the same notes, and are very close, except the Creed gets really powdery in the dry down, and Knize Ten does not so much. Oh, and Most find the REL starts off smoother than Knize Ten - which purportedly has a sharper start - though to my nose it is about equivalent.

    They both have a thick, fine tooled leather smell. I find neither gourmand unless you are willing to cook and eat an old boot!

    Samples? If your PM me, I might be willing to trade my samples.
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