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    Default Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    Hi Guys,

    I've been doing some random browsing of this forum and Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme seem to be raved and mentioned alot on here.

    I bought Gaultier2 blind, didn't like it that much. I thought it was an OK scent. I wore it one day and got so many compliments at work. It was sweet - sorta smelt like vanilla popcorn.

    I don't really get aany time to go out and smell fragrances, so most of my purchases are blind [gives me a thrill]. How would you guys rate Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme? Are they worth it? Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme seems to be a classic - I've seen it in my dads fragrance collection when I was younger. Along with Kurous [sp?] and Versace L'Homme.

    Editted to Add: I just realised that there's a EDT and EDP version of Yves Saint Laurent's Pour Homme - which stresses me out LOL. I've read that they both smell different. Which is the better version in your opinion?
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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    I prefer something more complex than Pi. Either Acier Aluminium or Egoiste. Still Pi is good by itself.
    As for YSL PH... I have only tried the EDT version. It was good but there are better. I would recommend Aqua di Parma Colonia, Chanel pour monsieur or signoricci instead. By the way, YSL PH is different than LHomme.

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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    I know there is a YSL PH and a YSL PH Haute Concentration. I believe both are EDTs. IMO - The original YSL PH is better.
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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    I didn't care for YSL when I sampled it. I usually recommend Corduroy to guys who ask me about an inexpensive frag that you will like and the people around you will also, and that's not too strong.

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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    Pi is very sweet and very heavy. I wouldn't recommend it this time of year tho unless you were willing to wear it lightly. It has a very delicious dry down and lasts a very long time on me. Try to get a sample of it if you can because it is very sweet like G2...but in a different way. However, they have similar drydowns, which are their best parts.I t was my first purchase after reading about here last year and I'll always have it but I have not worn it more than once since the weather went past 60*. It will stay as part of my cold weather rotation though.
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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I don't mind sweet fragrances - I think I'll get the both. They're not really that expensive.
    I'll put up reviews when I test em out!

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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    I've recently purchased YSL PH Haute Concentration and love it. Very crisp verbena, lemon scent with a ton of herbs in the heart, and just a hint of something sweaty to spice it up a bit. That is, a real man's scent, not a fabricated "clean" smell. It's in the black box, not the red one, and is about $25 on ebay.

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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    If you want Pi, try to dig up the EdP version (yes, they make one). It's a bit less woodsy, but the longevity is striking and seems more well-blended.

    YSL PH is okay, but unlike the other YSLs, I see no need to buy this one (yet). It's definitely more "old-school," but has a really nice lemon note. I'd say the Pi would be better for cooler weather, and the YSL for wamer weather.

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    Default Re: Givenchy Pi & Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme.

    I have the HC version of YSL PH. Took a while to appreciate and now I love it. Longevity is amazing for a citrus (8 hours or more) and its got this animalic undertone. It's sexually suggestive to say the least.
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