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    Default Penhaligon's Samples?

    Hi Basenotes,

    Is there a place where I can buy Penhaligon's samples, other than the Penhaligon Scent Library? I'm specifically looking for Hammam Bouquet - that's why I don't really want the Scent Library, as I get nine other scents that I'm not looking for. I'd like only the Bouquet.

    I've searched The Perfumed Court for it, and they don't have it. So any other online stores (that ship worldwide) would be nice.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Samples?

    If you don't find an online source, I would find a stockist in your area. My experience has been that if I call a domestic (foreign too!) stockist, they usually are glad to send you a sample at no cost.
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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Samples?

    Penhaligons offers free samples stateside, and may do the same for the European market. Their email:

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Samples?

    Hej xian!

    If you can wait (I don´t know for how long), Revivekliniken på Karlavägen 69 in Stockholm are planning to sell Penhaligon´s. They don´t have it yet but they do have some other interesting stuff.

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    Default Re: Penhaligon's Samples?

    I have sent an e-mail to Penhaligon's - hopefully they will be able to send me samples.
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