Hi all,

Following the recommendation of fellow basenoters, I got to try givenchy insensť a week or so ago. I fell in love with it and ended up buying a bottle last thursday (it is one of the old bottles, not the new: http://www.parfumsgivenchy.com/fragr...12_626_97.html). However, sadly, I have been having some allergic reaction to the juice - noticeably different from what I get from other frags - which means I will have to stop wearing it.. As a child I used to have a reaction to dust, which caused my lungs and vocal chords to get more or less seriously irritated. What I get with insensť is just the same..

I would like to identify the potential allergen in it so as to avoid purchasing anything else that contains it, but I couldn't get a list of notes that feels complete enough. Basenotes lists firbalsam as the only base note, but I doubt that this is the allergen. Givenchy's website lists cedar and pine needles. Perhaps it is the later, but I also doubt it. Might the juice contain oak moss absolute?

What do you think?