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    Default Re: Note Identification Project - Please Join In!

    I doubt whether there will be a reply in this thread as it's so old - the DIY forum is active.

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    Default Re: Note Identification Project - Please Join In!

    Hi Asha,
    Jersey have Eveclear in every liquor store you walk into. I notice dcampen has always cover that...lolll

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    Default Re: Note Identification Project - Please Join In!

    I noticed that you mentioned spikenard in your post, and understand that it's something you don't have in your collection. I bought some a while back, as I was curious about oils mentioned in The Bible. Apparently nard or spikenard as (opposed to lavender) was the oil that Mary used to anoint Jesus' feet. It's a very strong smelling oil, a bit like valerian (root), musky sweet in odor profile to my nose. I wasn't sure that I was going to use it in my compositions, but I ended up concluding that it's a great oil to use for that musk element in a fragrance. It's kind of that 'stinky funk' that's sometimes desirable. A little goes a long way! Regards, Chris

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