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    Default A snap decision!

    Ah, there I stood at the altar. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I found myself standing in the hallowed hall of the dimly lit, ethereal Santa Maria Novella perfumerie in Florence. Only a year before I had been in the same position with only minutes to peruse the selection and make a choice. I had failed.

    So, another year came to pass and I thought, 'Do I go again? or do I just look for a Sephora in Florence and chance what they might have to offer?'

    Another attempt was made but again I had not left myself enough time. We had opted to come by train from Anghiari via Arezzo where we were staying. My partner found me intently focused on trying to choose a fragrance with only minutes to spare.

    The year before I had tried a few frags but none stood out except 'Marescialla'. Initially, I thought this was like 'riding a Vespa through Florence with a nice whiff of gas and pepper thrown in.' I said to myself, 'This will take an eternity for the top notes to evaporate'. So I left empty handed.

    This year I found myself with 'Marescialla' in my hand and two minutes to decide. It is a very 'forward' scent and unusual in many respects but I was determined to take the plunge and I did.

    'Marescialla' is in its own league and it will take a little time to determine whether it was the right one to pick.

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    Default Re: A snap decision!

    Oh good for you - I know exactly what you're talking about. The SMN range of products, all in front of you in those replicated glass bottles, can be extremely overwhelming. When I was in LA at their boutique, thank goodness I had another Basenoter (and my husband) with me to help me test on their arms, give me their impressions, etc. I also was not rushed, like it sounds like you were.

    I know absolutely nothing about Marescialla - please post your thoughts once you've been able to wrap your head around it. Top notes that smell like 'gas' intrigues me.
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