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    Default Re: do your scent preferences match your preferences in art, architecture, etc?

    Oh, this thread is making me wish the contest for best thread on Basenotes was still open!
    Definitely interesting.

    As for myself.. as I'm still exploring my tastes in fragrance, I wouldn't consider this a definitive comparison.
    In architecture, I am drawn to Art Deco building and Amsterdamse School (Berlage), but also innovative modern architecture /and/ Gothic cathedrals. In interior design, I go for light colours and woods, especially cherry wood or rosewood, mixed with silver metals and bright accents or distinctive patterns on walls - Scandavian and Dutch design are my weaknesses: I love the austerity and innovation of many pieces.
    In art, I have a strong preference for figurative painting, with a special interest in neoclassicism (Alma Tadema) and Art Nouveau/Art Déco - Tamara de Lempicka, Toulouse-Lautrec... Apart from that, I love artisanal art: glasswork (Lalique, Daume...), Art Deco furniture, and antique jewelry. My tastes in jewelry run from magpie-esque glittery show pieces to blatantly 80s vibrant coloured plastic to subtle and airy modern silver.
    In music, I'm an omnivore. I love campy Broadway musicals, the Beatles, acid jazz and triphop, soul - vintage and modern, jazz & blues, classic opera, flamenco, reggaeton & dancehall, minimal techno, Dutch pop und so weiter. Literature.. likewise. I wouldn't know where to begin categorizing.

    In fragrance, I tend towards the modern "watercolour sketch" style of JC Ellena and Olivia Giacobetti, eschewing the classic, big, opulent perfumes. On the other hand, I do love spices in perfume, especially ginger. Non-sweet vanillas and ambers go down very well with me, as do incenses.

    So it looks as though I rather "fit": sheer, modern perfumes for my modern taste! Too bad Art-Deco period perfumes aren't exactly right for me, though.

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    Default Re: do your scent preferences match your preferences in art, architecture, etc?

    Definitely an interesting thread! It has made me think hard about my
    tastes in architecture/art/music and I have realised that I like clean, lines,
    uncluttered spaces and Georgian architecture, impressionism (in art) and am all over the
    place music-wise (Bach, Faure, Rachmaninov, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles
    and Rutter) it just has to move me. I prefer organ, cello and choral works to
    symphonies and quartets.As regards jewellery, I like simple platinum/white gold rings
    necklaces and bracelets.
    I think my preferences in scent are for Jean-Claude Ellena transparency, Lutens lushness
    and "cerebral" perfumes like Divine and Eau d'Italie. I am full of contradictions!!
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    Default Re: do your scent preferences match your preferences in art, architecture, etc?

    What a fabulous thread.

    I like the idea that there could be a match, but in my case, it'd have to be a pretty elusive one.

    Let's see. I hadn't realised how typically Finnish I was in certain aspects of my preferences until I'd lived in UK for a good few years. For example: functional items should be primarily well designed for their intended function and aesthetically pleasing as only a secondary priority. The two shouldn't compete and frivolity shouldn't dominate.

    With that realisation out of the way, came another one: I'm perhaps a-typically (for a Finn) attracted to certain frivolity, but in certain areas only. I would happily have a "pointless" scatter cushion with a decorative pattern. I've accumulated a number of very silly things (plastic toys and goodness knows what) over the years and they happily live in my tiny flat along with all the other stuff.

    Mainly, I love bold colours, illustrated patterns and clever things. I enjoy some of the more sombre and even imposing forms in nature, art and architecture. Some of my favourite things are big, oily machines (like old steam engines and tractors), frighteningly old and tall trees and mythical beasts. I'm attracted to whimsy, but get a bit put off by excessive sentimentality.

    What about perfume? Thinking about this topic has made me realise that I don't think of perfume as a functional thing at all. It is about as frivolous as you get. And that means my tastes in perfume are like all the colours in the box and I get to play outside the lines and everything - no restrictions! By frivolity I really do mean "not essential for survival" (which is how I've used the term when mentally trying to build a picture of a typically Finnish attitude. Frivolity = death because it wastes important resources).

    To think that I don't consider perfume essential for survival! Yet I'm obsessed by it. Hah.

    Very nice thread indeed.

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    Default Re: do your scent preferences match your preferences in art, architecture, etc?

    This is such an interesting question. I wish I had an answer. I don't know.

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    Smile Re: do your scent preferences match your preferences in art, architecture, etc?

    Maybe places are more evocative of scents than architecture.The Mediterranean evokes the herbal & citrus, the cedar etc. The Africas bring forth the spices,Northern Europe,the pines & fresh water. Each place has its own perfume & these in turn become our memories.I have some fond memories of childhood in the smell of bread, pine needles,damp forest earth and my Grandma smelling of Shocking de Schiaparelli!!

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