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    Question Ambre Canelle and Paul Sebastion

    I smelled PS tonight and I need to know from folks in the know, Is it really similar to Ambre Canelle or is my sniffer going completely haywire? Especially at first I thought that they were a lot alike. I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Ambre Canelle and Paul Sebastion

    Great observation Bill !! ... PS is affordable and by all research is a good one ,, I eagerly await what other noses say ..

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    Default Re: Ambre Canelle and Paul Sebastion

    Yes you are right.... they are very alike...both musky and cinnamon spice notes...Ambre Canelle being the more musky of the two(is is ambergris? or civet?) and PS having a bit more of a cinnamon bite to it...

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    Default Re: Ambre Canelle and Paul Sebastion

    PS is more similar to Aramis than Ambre Canelle. But yes, they smell pretty close.
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