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    Post Some samples I tried...

    I'm quite new to fragrances, but I had some samples and I decided to try them out... Here's what I thought of them;

    L'Artisan Parfumeur - La Chasse aux Papillions Extreme; This is meant to be a female perfume but I actually really liked it; it's sweet, but slightly spicy and it was really pleasant to wear on a nice spring afternoon. 8/10

    Cerruti - Pour Homme - This was nice, fresh and was very citrus-y. It's very pleasant, but not good enough for me to want to get a full bottle. 6/10

    Christian Dior - Dior Homme - This is pure heaven. 10/10

    Dolce & Gabbana - Pour Homme - It started smelling synthetic, and ended up smelling pleasant - almost of sweet tobacco. 6/10

    Floris - Cefiro - This reminded me of London; very clean and crisp. I just loved this. 10/10

    Loewe - Solo - I read good reviews about it - but I didn't like it! My mum seemed to like it so I gave her the rest of the sample. 4/10

    Lorenzo Villoresi - Acqua di Colonia - It's not bad - but I didn't think it was anything special. 5/10

    Lorenzo Villoresi - Donna - I decided to try it even though it's meant to be a female fragrance. It's nice and smells of a rose garden; but after some time it clogs your nostrils. 3/10

    Lotto - Eau de Toilette - As with all the other sporty fragrances, it's synthetic, strong and smells cheap. 1/10

    I have some more samples and will be trying them out in the next few weeks

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    I'd suggest you go to a store that has a lot of testers after you feel you have "mastered" these samples and see how other frags compare. For me, things didn't start to "click" until after I had sampled a huge number of frags (around 100).

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    That is a good suggestion. Certainly "live" with a fragrance for a bit before deciding. But sometimes you just know when you smell it. I was that way with Mouchoir de Monsieur, though I had tried to wear Jicky and it wasn't quite what I wanted, so I was prepared.

    Sounds to me that Dior Homme made a big impression. I'd see what you reach for each day, though.
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    That's a very nice start. Thanks for the reminder of Floris Cefiro. I haven't worn it in a while and I need to give it another try. The Floris Cefiro bath soap is great too - excellent scent (maybe a touch more citrus than the EdT) and the bars last a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlt.perfume View Post
    Christian Dior - Dior Homme - This is pure heaven. 10/10
    I could wear Dior Homme everyday without getting bored. It is absolutely like nothing else, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
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    Bigsly: Sampling on a test card is difficult for me - most scents smell pleasing enough... but when I wear them they may smell different... 100 samples seems to be too much! But it would be heaven to smell differently on 100 different occassions per year!

    Bromo33333: I agree 100% with that. I think a fragrance should be worn and lived in for a bit... testing on test cards is misleading cause well, humans are not cards. Dior Homme is on your 'looking for' list. It's just about one of the nicest fragrances you'll ever smell.

    Hoos: I was disappointed that in the reviews Cefiro got such a low rating - it's absoluely wonderful. To me it just smells clean - it just reminds me of a working day in London. I absolutely love it.

    Mostapha: Definately Dior Homme is magic in a bottle. It's just so wonderful. I'm definately going to invest in a full bottle.

    (Apologies for not using the quote feature - didn't know how to quote more than one user in one pose)

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