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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Hungary Water

    I thought I was the only one who'd ever heard of this jus.

    the bottle I own is old, and after having lived through college... say no more.

    to answer your question, I'm not sure what you could charge for it. Crabtree scents were never really niche-class; if memory serves, this sold for about 25-35 bucks way back when. the old adage goes, you can charge whatever you want for things... just doesn't mean people will buy them! for sheer nostalgia's sake I might be inerested in throwing a few odd bob for a bottle. keep me posted.

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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Hungary Water

    Quote Originally Posted by murchmb View Post
    I recently was able to purchase a few bottles of this. I plan on selling some, but don't know what to ask. Does anyone have a feel for a market value? It's been discontinued for some time now. Thanks.
    hi i am trying to get this item from crabtree for my father does any one have a new bottle and will be able to buy it off them,please e-mail me
    hungry water after shave

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