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    Cool I was like a kid in a candy store

    Woodland Hills Mall now has a Sephora. It opened Friday and yesterday was the first chance I had to go. The last time I had visited one was about 3 years ago in the Dallas Galleria and that is quite a drive. Anyways I was out with my mom and took her down the womens section sampling a few with her where I discovered several I think I could pull off wearing. Beats going to Dillards of Saks and hearing the SA's tell me all sorts of things that are simply not true. Over heard one at Saks tell a gentleman the Summer version of Versace was excusive to them I wanted to laugh I had seen it at Ulta & Dillards several times before. The ones at dillards just want to sell you something. There were a couple of them there before that began to know my taste in Fragrances and would'nt show me all the "NEW" stuff. (the ones that have been out for quite a while) Anyways I'll be shopping at Sephora more often Like Ulta I enjoy the fact that you can test them your self without an SA lurking over you.

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    Sephora is good in that you can also get free samples/small decants of anything they have just for asking.

    I really learned an awful lot from their sample policy. Sparked my interest, really.
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    Our local mall (Augusta, GA) is getting a new Sephora in June, I believe. Looking forward to it.

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    Default Re: I was like a kid in a candy store

    The Rideau Centre in Ottawa is getting a Sephora "May 2008"! I'm waiting with baited breath!

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    How totally weird is this thread? I mean in a good way. Radisri, I moved to Mexico from Tulsa and ChuckW, I worked at B Dalton's in the Augusta Mall when I left college! Cool, huh? Sorry, kopah, never been to Ottawa. I am in a tiny town in Mexico and our only claim to fame, store wise, is that we now have a Starbucks.

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