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    Default similar to creed VIW

    hey all,

    i was wondering if you know of any frags that have the closest resemblance to creed virgin island water. I just picked up TB set sail st. bartes and have heard there are some fair similarities to VIW. Obviously its not going to be as good and im sure SB is a decent to crappy scent in most of your opinions but im just looking for at least an idea, i have never sampled VIW but from the description it sounds ideal IMO for summer. Please let me know what you all think.

    thank you,

    suggest away for any other good summer choices that are mostly designer available, i.e if i can pick them up at department stores or seph etc.

    thanks again

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    Default Re: similar to creed VIW

    I sampled this recently and think it's very literal in its representation. It does have very distinct and interesting development of the notes but to have the coconut note just like that is a bit too much to me. It's too much...Pina Colada shall we say? However, the rum and the sugar cane, etc. make for an interesting dry down. I felt it might be more suitable for a young girl (Paris Hilton is probably wearing this now).
    I always felt that Sculpture for men by Nikos had a creamy, coconut like accord. I think I'd go for that instead. It is very reasonably priced and not everyone's giong to be wearing it (certainly not PH!). I'm planning on getting it myself soon.
    Also, a recent discovery of mine, Salvador Dali Laguna Pour Homme, which is a super strong aquatic/floral/fresh oriental might suit you as well. It does better in hot weather. I'm still trying to learn how and when to use it. It has its fans on this site.
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    Default Re: similar to creed VIW

    I think Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts for Men is a very good fragrance (and the women's version is nice also). It's great for that summer/beachy feeling - and can be found quite inexpensively. I like VIW, but I can't see paying that price for something that I feel does not have good longevity. Some people feel Bath and Body Works Coconut, Lime & Verbena is another fragrance similar to VIW and SSSB.

    For some other designer summer fragrances, I would suggest sampling:

    Bulgari - Aqua
    Acqua di Parma - Colonia or Colonia Intensa or Colonia Assoluta
    Dolce and Gabbana - Light Blue (women's version)
    Jo Malone - Lime, Basil & Mandarin
    Masaki Matsushima - M;Men
    Sean John - Unforgivable
    Thierry Mugler - Mugler Cologne
    Yves Saint-Laurent - L'Homme
    Yves Saint-Laurent - Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient
    Yves Saint-Laurent - Live Jazz
    Kenzo - L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme
    Versace - Versace Man Eau Fraiche
    Davidoff - Cool Water
    Clean - Clean Men
    Marc Jacobs - Marc Jacobs Men
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    Default Re: similar to creed VIW

    Quote Originally Posted by chuckpolzin View Post
    hey all,

    i was wondering if you know of any frags that have the closest resemblance to creed virgin island water.
    Set Sail ST Barts is about the closest I've smelled. And by close I mean they both have some of the same notes but to me they smell very different due to the quality of the ingredients in VIW. I have both and SSSB is very boozy with a synthetic lime note while VIW is brighter and very natural smelling. I would recommend getting a small sample of VIW if you are able. That way you can see if you like it. The perfumed Court has samples.

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    Default Re: similar to creed VIW

    thanks all, petru you seem to offer your advice to people very often even for the most repetitive of questions that newbies like me ask, thanks for that, i appreciate it, coincidentally i have that B*B works line in the soap etc in my bathroom and its quite nice for a cheapy store, i also like their sensual amber stuff quite alot for a nice pick me up out of the shower,

    if i love eau d' orange verte, YSL PH, and SSSB, will i really enjoy live jazz???? i remember my grandfather use to wear regular jazz and the notes on the updated version just seem to scream that crisp limey effervescent bright fizzy smell that i am looking for this summer,


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    Default Re: similar to creed VIW

    What you'll find is SSSB is quite a bit more boozy than VIW but they're both very good fragrances, and otherwise have a fair amount in common; the connection was one I made almost immediately as well.
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