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    Default Re: fragrance counter snob

    Bought the new Issey summer today! First purchase in years, yippie!! This weekend I wore Herba Fresca to a childs birthday and kept wishing I'd applied more of it. Other people should have been enjoying it too!
    The tea's from Bulgari & a Japanese guy (Mashikki M?) smelled great on paper. When applied they turned into bitter (i.e printed paper) and burned (i.e. factory smokestack). Oddly enough I fell in love with Always & Forever by Jessica Mc Clintock. It is a soft lily of the valley, gardenia, freesia, "blonde woods" & musk. It is sweet, a usual turnoff but a naturally floral sweet not artificial. There is a slight synthetic quality in the woods but I always walk through a spritz in the nude with EDP's anyway, so this would not be a problem to wear.
    I am hooked on the niche sites like beauty habit and the perfumed court for sample selection. Otherwise all I need is a couple hundred bucks and I've got a new hobby. Thanks to the community for your guidance. I dare to say I actually do like perfume...gasp!

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    Default Re: fragrance counter snob

    I think you might like O' de Lancome or L'Artisan's L'eau de L'Artisan. Both are light, fresh & herbal. Lancome is more citrus. Both are fun for summer.
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    Default Re: fragrance counter snob

    O.K. I am happy to report I found Annick Goutal's Quel Amor. Starts like nail polish remover, quickly quieting to an innocent, clean, childlike sweetness. Unlike anything I've smelled before, so I can't even describe it. So soft. Will be ordering more from this house asap. Also was impressed with L'Artisan's Papillions. Flirty, fun and very young. A bit too sweet for the triple digit weather I've been enjoying but great for cooler days.

    I had such high hopes for En Passant...flphh(balloon deflating). Smells expensive but still Grandma's powder & a chalky one. CB's gathering apples might be good for layering, all by itself I am a yankee candle, unoriginal. Comme de Garsons Lily is overindulgent and in your face. Would love at 1/3 the strength.

    Sticking with my Issey summer & Herba Fresca for the sweltering desert heatwave. They fit the climate better than any I've found and stand up to hours spent in the elements.

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    A Light application of either Terre D Hermes OR Acqua Di Parma Colonia Assoluta

    Oh..and not forgetting CDG-Odeur 53
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    Default Re: fragrance counter snob

    Sounds like you and I have a strong aversion to "powdery" and "chemical-y." Thanks for the tip on Issey summer.

    I'm a total noob, but I have a couple of thoughts. I second the suggestion of Jo Malone Orange Blossom. I happen to love Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint--clean and light--but it sure doesn't last long on me. I don't mind--I just keep spraying. I found Jo Malone's Grapefruit to turn powdery on me, but that might be just a body chemistry thing.

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