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    Default WINNER Announced-Fathers Day Fragrance Contest-WINNER Announced.

    Hello Basenotes Family

    Well Fathers Day is fast approaching and in Honour of Fathers, Mentors, Coaches,Teachers, Role Models, Uncles or any Male that has helped influence and shape your life, we are having this contest.

    All you have to do is post:

    What is/was your father's or any of the above's favourite fragrance?

    I did not have a relationship with my Father, basically I saw him on Birthdays, Fathers Day and Christmas. But I did have positive Male Role Models in my life. I have to single out my last year of Elementary School Teacher. His name was Mr. Copeland and he was from Scotland. This man was strict and disciplined and spoke 'Positive' into my life and helped affirm me as a Male. Because of his influence I went from an average, mediocre student to the top student in the whole school.

    My fathers favourite fragrance was Versailles pour Homme.

    All the posts will be put in a hat and the Winner will be announced Wednesday 18th June, 2008

    The winner will receive a $100.00 Gift Card from Aedes. If the winner is from outside North America than I will make sure that you get something comparable.

    Oh.....Stay tuned for the Second Basenotes Fun Quiz which will be presented in a few months.

    The very best to all of you.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Otto, thank you once again for the ray of sunshine you bring here.

    My father wore OLD SPICE
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    mine only wore Right Guard deoderant.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Quote Originally Posted by chasefairfax View Post
    mine only wore Right Guard deoderant.
    Really laughing out loud...Aahahahahahahahahahah
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Dad wore a few fragrances, the one that sticks out the most is British Sterling. Perhaps only second to Wild Country by Avon.

    My dad always splashed his cologne on his handkerchiefs that he kept in his pocket. I have many memories, as a child, or Dad hading me his handkerchief to wipe my nose or my face - and the smell of his cologne in that fabric filling my nose.

    Great thread Otto - and how extremely generous of you to coordinate this little contest.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My Dad. A pompous, rigid, strict, temperamental yet altruistic man. He's self employed and has been through loads of rubbish, and has been through fantastic times, yet has always kept his family happy. I respect him tons, love him to bits (even though I may not show it) and realise that he really does care. I wish he could connect with me more, but he's always busy, and when he's free, he's doing other stuff for the family business. The odd time at gatherings, parties and weekends that my real dad does come through, he's that man, but with a compassionate, loving, interesting and truly genuine side, I really do wish this side came through more often.

    My dad uses AdP Colonia, Davidoff Cool Water and Chanel Pour Monsieur. He also sometimes indulges with some samples from my sample bowl, he thought they were all 'masculine' until he applied some of a little decant of Carnal Flower. Hehe.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My Dad was an Old Spice man.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    I blame my fathers for my enthusiasm for colognes.
    He used stuff from English LAther, Jovan Sex Appeal to Chanel No. 5.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My dad uses Old Spice shaving cream, but wears no cologne (my mom wears Mitsouko).

    My maternal grandfather, however, used something wonderful (or at least I thought it was) that smelled of sandalwood. I never did find out what it was.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My dad wore Aramis. I think I posted the story once before, but here goes.

    When I was 17, I had a nervous breakdown and had to go into the hospital psychiatric ward for a few weeks. I'd gotten into a huge fight with my parents, so they though it best to put me there. It was scary. I was the only young person there-- everyone else was older. I had to fight to get my own room because I didn't want to have a roommate. There was this one creepy guy who would always wander into other people's rooms in the middle of the night (and at mealtime, he would only eat bread that he'd wadded up into a ball first) and I was terrified of him. It was a really bad time.

    Then one day, this cute girl who was my age was admitted to the ward. I was embarassed because I wanted to impress her, but I felt a bit emasculated with my circumstances. I was telling this to my dad over the phone. The next day he showed up for a visit. He handed me a little bag and inside the bag was his bottle of Aramis. He told me that I could keep it and wear it for the remainder of my stay. So for the next week and a half, I dabbed some on everyday, and it helped with the incredible homesickness. I didn't really make much of an impression with the girl-- she was transferred just a few days after she got there-- but it was OK. It was just such a thoughtful effort on my dad's part to bring me his Aramis, and in a scary place, just wearing it gave me a feeling like he was watching over my shoulder. I love my dad. He and I get along great these days. We never fight.

    My dad also wore things like British Sterling, Racquet Club, Halston 1-12, Polo (which I swiped from his dresser frequently in high school) and some cologne from Avon that came in a bottle that looked like a pistol that George Washington might have owned (I used to take it out in the yard and play cops and robbers with it, then return it to my dad's chest of drawers before he got home from work). Sometimes I would buy him colognes like Pi and Joop!(before I discovered Basenotes, lol) but he'd never wear them. It seems his holy grail was simply Aramis. It suits him though.

    I did recently let him try my Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée and he loved it. A bottle of that may be in his future.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My dad and I don't get on very well, but I did have one very positive male figure who passed away a year and a month ago; and that was my maternal grandfather.

    He was an Old Spice man. He'd give me some cologne every now and then to wear whenever I'd go out. I still keep one bottle; although I don't wear it much. As stoic as I try to be, wearing it still gets the waterworks going.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father wears Kiton Men currently. I don't see him alot but when I do, this is what I smell. You are a kind soul Otto, all the best!

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Stetson & Skin Bracer (byyyyyyy Mennen!)

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father wears everything I don´t like enough in my own collection. This doesn´t mean he smells bad though - I HAVE thrown things away...

    When I was a kid and he decided what to wear himself, he wore Jovan Musk.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father doesn't/never did wear any fragrance. Actually, no one in my family does. I decided to enter the fragrance hobby because it was something different and to establish my individuality. One of my uncles told me on a New Year's Eve years ago to not just find a hobby, but a passion.

    One of my bosses at my summer job wears Kouros outside in the heat. It works very well on him, even on the hottest days of summer!

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    I always emember my father soaking his handkerchief and applying a bit on himself out of this huge bottle of Guerlain Imperial

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Thanks for this fathers day contest, Otto.

    My father is still an Old Spice/Brut man. Occasionally I have seen him spray on a bit of Polo Green. I haven't been able to discern any particular fragrance smells on any of my previous bosses, although one of my uncles was partial to Van Cleef pour homme and Chanel Antaeus.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My dad, the major positive influence in my life, wears Guerlain Vetiver.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Growing up, the smell of my dad was:

    Dial gold soap
    Right Guard spray deodorant
    and last, but not least
    a liberal splashing of Brut.

    He doesn't wear fragrance anymore, but Brut will always remind me of him.

    Indie Guy ~ nice of you to share such a personal moment, very special!

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    I love that story Indy Guy. Thanks for telling us it.

    My adored late Pa was a teacher and a community activist. He was too skint and too busy to really think about fragrance, though he always smelled good. He wore whatever we gave him for Xmas and birthdays, so there was a lot of Brut and I think one time even Denim (the mark of a man!), but he always returned to a baseline of Old Spice. He was 'old school' in a very good way: he always had a clean white cotton handkerchief in his pocket and he wore half-rimmed specs that he would peer over when I interrupted him doing his Guardian crossword. He reminded me of Badger from The Wind In The WIllows. He was one of those big, comforting men who made everything all right. I miss him so.

    Lorenzo Villoresi's Incensi smells like my Pa's sneezes. I have no idea why.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father's fragrance was alcohol.

    Yea, that shaped me for sure.

    But my violin teacher wore: Bois Du Portugal
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Quote Originally Posted by supracuhz View Post
    My father's fragrance was alcohol.

    Yea, that shaped me for sure.

    Same here...

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    I have many fragrant memories of my dad's side of my family.

    My dad doesn't wear fragrance often, except for the occasional spritz of Acqua di Gio from the bottle that I gave him once as some "training wheels" to re-introduce him to fragrances. When he was in high school, he wore Canoe by Dana to be "hip" just like all fo the other guys, as it was the Acqua di Gio of its time.

    My uncle (who also happens to be my dad's brother) is known to go frugal on a lot of things. Naturally, he's an Old Spice man.

    But my dad's father (my grandpa) had a good olfactory memory that I will never forget. He smelled like Dial Gold soap, Mennen Speed Stick original deodorant, and Dior's Eau Sauvage. The first two came off the Walgreens shelves, the latter from Marshall Field's, which is also where he bought a lot of his clothes. (After all, he lived in the Chicago area, where the Field's name is well-known, even after Macy's bought them out and axed the brand two years ago.) The mix of those smells created an olfactory experience that was, well... Grandpa. We had good memories of each other, and the Dial/Speed Stick/Eau Sauvage combination accentuated those memories. He died from prostate cancer a little over a decade ago, but the smell will always be in my mind.

    From time to time, I still think about buying a bottle of Eau Sauvage just to remind me of him... maybe I'll bite the bullet for my birthday.
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    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Very generous, Otto.

    In my earliest memories, my Dad wore Old Spice. Later, I remember seeing Royall Bay Rhum in his cabinet. Nowadays he eschews such frivolity; he has become an ascented ascetic!
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My dad's an emergency medicine physician / intensivist. He wore Halston Z-14 and Aramis for a long time. I don't know what he wears now. I know his patients used to love Z-14.

    He taught me to hunt and fish, and introduced me to a wide variety of fine things.

    My stepdad wore Boucheron PH, and all I remember is that it smelled like lemons and was loud as hell. He made it work fairly well though.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    Oh Otto, this "contest" has brought out so many wonderful sharings! Fragaholics Anonymous!! Thanks so much.

    The first Man in My Life was my Grandfather and he favored Bay Rhum too. They would go to the Bahamas every winter (by ship - that's how long ago)and he would bring back a year's supply. Daddy was one of nature's gentlemen - rose from dirt-poor beginnings to become the youngest judge on the Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas; was unfailingly courteous and bawdy and made me believe I was the prettiest, smartest little girl in the entire world and that I could accomplish anything I wanted to. Sigh.

    My first ex-husband favored Canoé (but now Eau Sauvage) - my second ex-husband was a Brut - and my late wonderful husband favored Royal Copenhagen. Beloved son - following in Dad's scent-steps - is also a Sauvage man.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    It's been so long since my Dad passed, I'm not sure but I think if it was any thing, it was Mennen After Shave.

    Almost all olfactory memories of him would include the odor of beer or liquor as some of you have mentioned.

    Thanks for the chance Otto.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father liked to wear cologne, but did not care what it was. So he wore whatever my mother, my sister, or I bought for him - Brut, Old Spice, Canoe, Chaps, Jade East, English Leather, Pierre Cardin, etc.

    I do remember my mother being a big Dynasty fan and wearing Forever Krystle. So she bought my father Carrington to coordinate with her
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My father's favourite fragrance is Givenchy Pi.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day Fragrance Contest

    My stepfather's favorite scent for a zillion years was Equipage, and he still has a bottle in his medicine cabinet. Several years ago I bought him some Jaipur Homme and he received several compliments on it from ladies so he now wears that almost exclusively. I'm not sure he would ever accept the concept of a fragrance wardrobe.

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