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    Default NEW: Porsche Design The Essence.

    How's this for a change: a men's fragrance designed to be "ultrafresh", but not in a marine way.

    Guess the folks at Clarins (Porsche Design's fragrance licensee) thought so... the perfumers Anne Filpo and Bruno Jovanovic found a new IFF molecule (Artical), and added juniper, blueberry, coriander, black pepper, pine, fir balsam, patchouli and incense to the mix. It should be out in October.

    BTW, I have a longtime friend in my old hometown who is a big-time Porsche fanatic. Guess I'll have to buy him a bottle...
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    Default Re: NEW: Porsche Design The Essence.

    well, seeing as i'm really into cars and am proud of my petrolhead status....i can't wait to check this out....Porsche design makes some interesting stuff anyways, so i'm sure it will be of good quality.

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    Default Re: NEW: Porsche Design The Essence.

    Is it just me (I admit, I work in a real estate office) but doesn't the bottle look like a high rise condominium? No kidding.
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    Default Re: NEW: Porsche Design The Essence.

    I don't expect anything good from any car-making company.
    Don't understand why would anyone want to by Hummer or Porche scent. Is not Chanel or Hermes or Creed luxurious enough?

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