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    Talking L'Artisan Customer Service is Great!

    I just wanted to pass on my experience with L'Artisan (US).

    Two weeks ago, I ordered a set of samples from them. For the past two weeks, the sample order has been "processing" according to their website.

    Today, I emailed to see if there had been a problem with the order (the charge to my card went through on May 5).

    Immediately, I receive an email apologizing for the delay, explaining that there had been a technical problem on their end that held up samples being shipped out, that the sample package was sent out this morning, and offering me an additional five samples (from their samples page) at no charge.

    First, this all happened in less than five minutes. The message was polite and to the point. This was excellent customer service.

    Second, it creates not just goodwill but "excellent will" in this potential new customer. They did not have to offer the second set of samples. I seriously believed that the order had either been overlooked or got "stuck" somewhere.

    Third, in the two weeks that have passed, new samples had been added to the samples page. So, I will be able to try 10 different fragrances from them that most likely will appeal to me. Not just "picking the last five because that's all that's left" kind of thing.

    Fourth, the five additional samples will be sent to me tomorrow.

    Just wanted to put out some good news about customer service. So often, there are stories of poor customer service that it can seem like it's the prevalent attitude toward customers.
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    Default Re: L'Artisan Customer Service is Great!

    I have always liked the SA's at the L'Artisan fragrance counter in Barney's NY. They do well to know how to please you while being knowledgeable.

    I'm happy to hear that you got so lucky with your L'Artisan experience.
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    Default Re: L'Artisan Customer Service is Great!

    It's great to hear about experiences like that.

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