Singapore has its "Great Singapore Sale" while Hong Kong also has theirs coming up as well.

Along with actually taking a "vacation," I will be looking at mainly snatching up some colognes along with designer goods. (a wallet and a messenger bag to be accurate!) Colognes and designer goods are generally pricier in Thailand. I wouldn't bother with thrifty budget-uber-chic goods as Bangkok is a very good place for that. Oh, and we also don't have access to most niche brands.

CdG also has their Guerilla store open in Singapore as well! Anyone know what scents are offered at the Guerialla stores ? (I will most likely snatch up Hinoki / 888 if they are availible)

Hong Kong (according to the City shopping guide posted by Coconut) has L'Artisan, SL, FM, Bond, CdG, Annick, etc as well. Does Singapore have these too?

And if they do, are they sold at full retail or discount/sale price?

Any ideas? Anyone from HK / Singapore ? Help out please. Tell me what you think about the Hong Kong and Singaporean Sale. Thanks a million!

I will be going with my girlfriend. She really enjoys shopping too. The "shopping for perfume" part is still a secret agenda though. I don't want to imagine the look on her face if I told her that one of the reasons for going is because I want to add new bottles to my collection (that she thinks is already impossible to use up before I reach 40)