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    Lightbulb CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    I have sampled both 53 and 71 and I at first have found both to pretty underwhelming. Initially, I thought that 71 was more interesting/challenging and that 53 was too overly subtle. (note: boring) However, a few days ago, I sprayed some GPHII on my body and applied a very little bit of 53 on my hands from my sample vial then went outside. It was very windy that day. I walked around then suddenly I wondered what smelled so nice. I knew that it wasn't the GPHII. Then I realized it was the 53! The combination of the evening breeze with Odeur 53 was in my opinion, strangely amazing.

    I was also surprised at the sillage that was given off. When sniffed up close, it's nothing much to get excited about -- pleasant, but nothing too exciting. Kinda like "my skin but better." When I smell 53, I think of "chlorophyll, cellulose, and air." For me, it's a very "green" and transparent frag. This could become my "windy day" frag.

    So.. on to the question... Do you think it's bottle-worthy? Would love to hear what you all think!

    P.S. I won't be getting it anytime soon though. I have lots and lots and lots I want to grab first. ...And as much as I find 71 interesting, it's something I don't want to smell like at all.
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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    100% yes. Its unique. Its easy to wear. You can't really over spray it, yet its long lasting. You more than likely, won't smell like anyone else. Its one of the, if not, the best CdG.

    This reminds me, i really have to wear it more often.

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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    I know now what I will be wearing tomorrow.

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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    I need to retest this one.

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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    it is truly one of CdG's best - and it sills like crazy - though the wearer won't smell it after a few hours! LOL
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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    Personally I am going to say no.

    I agree with many of the positive comments about 053 above, but the godawful huge bottle is IMO just too much, and I rarely have used up my Odeur (I own Odeur 71, since 53 gives me a headache) decant that I have.

    If you have a way to buy a small bottle (they show up in shops here in Miami - I sold one on Ebay recently) or a decant do so, before you buy a whole bottle.
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    Default Re: CdG Odeur 53 - Bottleworthy?

    I didn't like it, but I prefer it over Odeur 71. It smells flat and stall, almost like a perfume that went off by sunlight damage. If you get a chance and you're exploring your local department store, I recommend testing CK Be, which is a sharper & fresher Odeur 53 IMO.

    But if you like the scent after testing it for a while, and think it's bottleworthy...go for it.

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