Right now i'm already testing the new Giorgio for men. Has a little brighter openeing than Givenchy Gentleman, but darker drydown and a little bit more mellow. I think this is because of the benzion. Giorgio is stronger and i think it has more sillage than GG.

I also recieved Santos Concentree, don't have much to add to this fragrance.

JHL too. Reminded me of Knize Ten. Without the florals and benzion, With added cinnamon, dirtier leather. Awesome lasting power on my skin.

The last one i recieved was Oscar pour Lui. Seems weak. Did they reformulate this? It is nowhere as potent as the three above, so, it doesn't resemble the descriptions that were given in the reviews. Reminds me of Trussardi with less leather and more spice. Very dark. However the drydown is brighter. Lasts about 6 hours, so it's average.

The box is also changed, the tester of 100ml that i have is completely black. The brand name is no longer on. It still has the same shape as this:


But the plate that says Oscar de la Renta - Paris and Eau de Toilet spray naturel is gone