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Thread: 1982 fragrance?

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    Hope someone can help. In 1982 one of my college roommates wore a fragrance whose name I have forgotten. The only thing I remember is that is had a strong -- shocking at the time -- piss smell, and maybe some floral. She worked at an upscale dept. store in NYC, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a new launch from around that time, but I don't know for sure. It was (needless to say, I'm sure) a bold scent. Any ideas as to what it might have been would be appreciated. Thanks --

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    Gee, I hate to contribute to the common, but I consider incorrect, description of this fragrance and it is a mens fragrance but Kouros by YSL was launched in 1981.
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    Orange Spice, Kouros' older sibling, is another possibility.

    It was launched by Creed in 1950. Did Creed have an American presence in 1982?
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    Well, I just smelled a sample of Kouros, and that's definitely not it. I'm looking for a fragrance that was much more feminine, lighter -- but with a strong pissy smell. I think my roommate said a very recognizable name when I asked her what she was wearing -- but the name just escapes me. What were the big hits and large releases in 1982 or just prior to that?

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    Is it Giorgio?

    You can go to the directory and search by year--that is how I learned Giorgio was released in 1981.

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    I don't remember any "pissy" fragrances from the early 1980's. Here is a site that may jog your memory. You can click on fragrances by year of release.

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    Maybe VC&A FIrst or Clinique Aromatics Elixir?
    On certain women with acid skin both (beautiful juices indeed) can tend to become sour and pissy and both are from the late 70's first 80's era...

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