Hi everybody. I have just become a member of Basenotes after reading many informative and well-written posts by members. I have a problem and ask if members can kindly offer their advice and experience. I tried some samples of GIT and immediately fell in love with the fragrance. After doing some research on the internet I decided I would go the whole hog and buy a 8.4 Fl oz flacon of the potion as it made better financial sense. The cheapest reputable seller I could find is in the USA but, as they were cheaper and offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee, I placed the order. When the flacon arrived, I opened it up and put some on. But horror - to my mind it smells more sickly than the juice contained in the sample vials and, EVEN WORSE, after a couple of hours the smell seems to die away, whereas the contents of the vials went on emanating their sweet fragrance for hours and hours. Is it common for sample vials to be of greater concentration? Or is it that the flacon is not Millesime (the most likely cause, I think) whereas the samples were? Or perhaps the flacon I bought is counterfeit? I doubt this last possibilty as the company is well-known (in fact it is a sponsor of this site) and what would they have to gain by offering a money-back guarantee if they sold fakes? It could be that the the cologne had reached such mythical qualities in my memory that when the bottle came, its contents inevitably did not make the mark. As an aside, I have read a couple of postings where batch number has been mentioned. I have been unable to locate a batch number on the underside of my flacon (it just says GREEN IRISH TWEED on a transparent plastic sticker and V8 MADE IN FRANCE embossed on the glass), but there is a bar code on a sticker on the box with the number 1406779999. Can I tell the date this batch was manufactured from this number? Could it be an old batch and the difference in smell be due to that? Or am I, as I suspect, suffering from a neurosis similar to buyer remorse??? I would appreciate members comments and advice asap as I have been issued a return number by the seller and don´t want to waste time if I should be returning the item. I thank you in advance for your consideration in replying and send a warm embrace to all members around the world, from sunny Spain.