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    Default Still searching for that signature fragrance.

    It's been awhile since I first came here looking for suggestions for a signature fragrance. In that time, I've played with quite a few fragrances and learned some things about my tastes, so I'm back for more!

    Just from the descriptions, I expected that I'd be a chypre sort of girl at first, and I was surprised to learn I lean toward florals instead. When I started trying florals I had better luck than with chypres. Most of the chypres worked okay on me, but didn't have the little bit of sparkle I wanted in a fragrance. They just didn't suit me.

    The other thing I learned was that most fragrances tend to not last long on me, and can't be smelled unless a person is sniffing me (I don't need a wake of scent or anything, but I'd like people to smell my perfume without having to snuggle ). I have pretty dry skin; I don't know if this makes a difference or not.

    I also learned fragrances with a lot of vanilla just end up smelling like plain vanilla on me. In otherwords, the vanilla sort of takes over. I don't know why . . .

    So, the ones that have worked on me:

    (Mind you, I still don't know a lot about notes and other terminology, so please pardon my ignorance. )

    Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent
    I adore this one, probably because of the peach and rose (I think?) together, but it didn't last long on me, couldn't be smelled by someone who wasn't sniffing my wrist, and it became kinda powdery in the dry-down. Very sparkly like champagne though, and I loved that.

    Paris by Yves Saint Laurent
    To me, this one is a lot like Yvresse, and it was a little more smellable, and no powder in the drydown. But something about it, as it dried down, was just boring to me. I guess for a signature fragrance I want something that I enjoy the whole way through.

    Je Reviens by Worth
    This one is really pretty, and it comes in an EdP which helps with the problems above, but my mother wears it on special occasions so that's a big no. I don't want to wear the same fragrance as someone close to me.

    Miss Dior Cherie
    I like it but it lasts about five seconds on me.

    Tocca Stella
    This is the front-runner at present for everyday use. It lasts a long time on me, and it's sweet and sparkly without being cloying. I've learned that some people are disappointed that the blood orange doesn't smell the same in the perfume as in the lotion etc., but since I've never smelled the lotion that's okay.

    Incanto Charms
    This one is great! I think it's the honeysuckle and jasmine that I like in this one. Also, other people can smell it on me! lol I might choose this for special occasions.

    Anyway, I'm not done experimenting, so I wondered if anyone could give me more suggestions based on the above?

    Thanks very much!
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