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    Hi !

    Had a 400 Euros voucher to spend in the best frag shop in my town. A very luxurious, quite expensive kind of all-around shop , with ties, suit, design for indoor and garden etc,, only brands. And, of course perfume downstairs. They have all the Lutens, all the artisan, all the Bond, all the goutal, even new ones i did not even see in the fragrance brands on BN, all the dyptiques all the creed , almost all the mpg and the CdG, all the Etro, all the Penhaglion, etc. etc. Of course all designers frags are there too, first time i saw eau d hermes for instance.

    So i spent 2 amazing hours in the shop, i was exactly like a kid in a huge toy shop.

    I sampled - but did not buy :

    Ambre Sultan. : A bit tough in the beginning i though, but omg what an amazing dry down. Beautiful and long lasting, perfectly balanced. a nice 8.75/10.

    Eau d Hermès ; Had read so many good things about it here , but i ve been a bit disappointed. 6.5/10

    Mpg ; Garrigue. : MPG is one of my favorite niche, but did not like this one that much. 7.25/10.

    Creed Green I. T : Great one. A bit common imo, but very nice frag. Will probably buy it soon. 8.75/10

    I ve tried many other creeds today since they gave me 6 creed samples. I was sure i would love this niche a lot. However, i ve tried so far MI, and Himalaya, and i love the top notes but am so-so about the dry-down. It gets kind of powdery, a bit weird also. Will have to test my samples better to have a better opinion.

    2 new A. Goutal : unfortunately can t remeber the name. One with mandarin and one in the new serie called ambre. Name like myrhe or something like that. Will get the name and edit later.
    Both were quite nice, gonna be looki ng more carefuly to A.G. from now on, looks like there is a lot of decent frags.

    The bond no. 9 warhol silver factory. First thing, they had only 100 ml bottle for this Bond, and it costed 260 Euros. How expensive... BUT i loved it. really loved it. I ve tried 3-4 bond so far, and this is the first one that impressed me . Great one, will buy it at the end of the year i guess. They gave me a sample as well, i m happy about it. 9.5/10

    Finally i would LOVE to test (and buy ^^^) Habit de Parfum. They ll get it only in June. Found this weird since they have every frag of every niche except this one. Looking forward to testing this one.

    Tested and bought ! :

    Penhaligon's : blenheim bouquet. Very nice scent, perfectly balanced. great top notes with citrus, a dry down quite diferent , a tad powdery maybe, but that does great on my skin. 8.75/10

    Creed : BdP : Amazing top notes. Dry down changes a lot again, but i love this one. 9/10

    Serge Lutens ; Daim blond. Guys, did you try this one ?? I ve tried now almost every SL except the ones in the exclusive lines. Daim blond is probably the best. Had never smelled it before today, had read a great review about it (i think from Jaimeb, not sure about it) and i instantly loved it. First scent i applied on my skin so had a 2hours dry down before buying it. Can t believe some ppl find it weak. It s very potent on my skin. And usually on my skin fragrances do not have amazing longevity (normal frags, for instance Artisan, it s another story with heavy SL stuff) , but this one lasted a lot. Diferent from what i m used to, but very very enjoyable. You have to try it if you have not. 9.75/10

    MPG : Santal Noble. Maybe the best fragrance i ve ever smelled. Might could have a bit more longevity (sillage seems ok, don t really know about it right now.) But as i said, perfume do normally not have amazing longevity on my skin. For me that s simply a 10/10.

    What amazed me was that this is one of the most expensive shop in switzerland (less expensive suit cost like 1200 USD) , and they are the only shop having all this frags in Geneva. However, the prices were very very good. The 50ml SL were only 60 Euros. The Creed were costing 90-110 euros for the 75 ml. $antal Noble was 85 euros. Great prices if you ask me, was afraid it would be much much more. Only Silver factory was 250 euros, this is damn expensive ^^
    The frags i bought, Santal Noble, Daim blond, BdP, b. bouquet, costed me finally 360 euros.

    Damn i ve written a lot. Probably simply because i enjoyed my day so much ^^ .- 2 hours with every niche available , knowing i could get 4-5 of them was just awesome !!! Hope it s not too long for some of you to read

    Also, have two questions ^^ .

    Could not test (had done a lot already ^^ ) any of the dyptique frags. Are they worth it ? If yes, any suggestions ?

    Then, i already know what is my next buy, since silver factory too expensive right now and they don t have habit de monsieur yet. It will be either Ambre Sultan, or Ambre précieux.

    Probably my 2 favourite niche SL and MPG, but i tried Ambre Sultan but had no time left for A. précieux.
    Which one should i get ? Hard choice i guess ^^
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