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    I agree with the reviewer who finds this to be the one creed that exerts an enduring fascination

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    I've had this for about a year now and still don't know what to think of it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Overall, I guess I'd have to say I find it average, with weak staying power??

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    I personally was not thrilled with it.
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    It didnt stand out for me either. It wasn't bad but it just seemed very subtle. Almost like people would have a hard time smelling it on me. I never got a compliment when I wore it. While I always get compliments when I wear GIT or SWM.

    Maybe I'll find my sample and test it again just to be sure.
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    It really goes well with a suit... worked extremely well when I splashed my sample of Erolfa over my black suede suit coat.

    Made me smell "classy" IMO

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    Nothing personal Zorro08, but I find Erolfa like a lot of other Creeds, pretty average. Don't get me wrong, I love some of them. Bois du Portugal, Ambre Canelle, Acier Aluminum, and Orange Spice but for the most part, meh.
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    See what happens when you post "erolfa" instead of "CREED Erolfa"?

    You only get people who think Erolfa is a bit ho hum replying. Like me.

    I own it, and I think it's okay at first, but the bits I like wear away pretty quickly to something that does last all day, but which is very similar to the remanents of other Creed scents like Tabarome Millesime.

    I get more fascinated by marine scents like Kenzo Homme, Nautilus Aqua, Givenchy Insense Ultramarine and Halston Unbound. But if I want to wear the Creed housenotes as an aquatic, well Erolfa is the way to obviously.

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    I have just acquired a bottle of this.

    I have recently started to enjoy aquatic notes after being very averse to them for some time. I decided that I do not always need to wear serious fragrances, sometimes a bit of levity is required. In this regard I retested Millesime Imperial and Erolfa amongst others and found I liked them both very much.

    Erolfa does have a really convincing oceanic quality for me, the rich creed drydown holding the ozonic notes and saline accord in a very pleasing manner.

    Not a heavyweight or a fragrance with gravitas but very enjoyable. .
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    Erolfa is great for a casual summer day and the women dig it. 'Nuff said.

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    Nice frag.

    Don t you guys find the drydown very similar to Allure ?

    What means for me also close from Burberry (classic) for men, the latter having a bit more mint.

    Allure and Burberry for men are close, and allure and erolfa have a very similar dry down imo.

    Do the test and you ll see what i mean i guess ^^ , they seem very close.

    Edit : Ok i ve checked the notes to see whether my nose was totally broken or not, and actually they share quite a few notes : Bergamot, tangerine and sandalwood. I always notice bergamot a lot, so that s why i find Allure (homme) and Erolfa so close. i just sampled both on my wirsts to compare, very close, really forr my nose.
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    I own it and sometimes like it. I'm not big on ozonic fragrances, nor marine fragrances in general. It is one of the better ones. It is fresh, cool, what you'd expect. Cypres-Musc and Epicea are much more to my liking, but they are green-resinous-coniferous, and excellent!

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    I like it a lot, but pretty much limit it to summer use. I don't think it works well in cool weather.

    I also have gotten more female compliments wearing it than other fragrances, which surprises me.

    I won't be wearing it around Luca Turin though! (hahahaha - he gave it 1 star in the guide).
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    I had a bottle and sold it a week later - the sea-water/calone just sat "wrong" on my skin. I liked the first blast, but after that it felt really artificial, and I couldn't get used to it. I like the idea alot though, it just didn't work!

    Quote Originally Posted by scentsitivity View Post
    I won't be wearing it around Luca Turin though! (hahahaha - he gave it 1 star in the guide).
    That doesn't mean much - based on a lot of his reviews, I'd be surprised if he ever tried it on his skin rather than on paper. H'e'd probably give it 3 or 4 stars if he tested it blind without knowing it was Creed!
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    Default Re: erolfa

    This is going to be my "go to" summer scent this year, I adore it!
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