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    I'm not normally somebody who experiments with layering; I figure, let the pros do their job and I'll just wear what they come up with. Today, though, I was spraying on some random stuff and I realized that Route de Vetiver and Grey Flannel are great layered. I'd be interested in hearing any reactions from folks who would like to check out this unlikely combo. This experience has also made me more interested in the overall concept of layering, so any other interesting combos would be good to hear about.

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    I've been too busy with the many frags and samples I have, so layering has taken a back seat. What I would say is that if a frag is too one-dimensional to you, consider what you think is missing. For example, I found Chaleur d'Animale to be need a bit of sweetening, and so I layered it by spraying once with Corinto Silver, which is very sweet but everything else in it is subdued. It worked very well. Other than that combination, I haven't found others that are great, though what I find is that my taste in frags has changed a lot, and more than once, over the last several months.
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