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    Default Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    This thread is a spinoff from the male frag forum, where the question was asked, do we layer because we need more complexity with today's spare (by comparison with previous decades') scents?

    As a person who far prefers complexity in fragrance, and the evolution of the fragrance, my answer is yes.

    However, for me, there is another motive. I'd like to have three or so frags that I can wear individually, but also layer to give me something to wear in the evening, say, or to a large social event, etc. Something that would extend the utility of three fragrances to more like nine. Also, I like the idea of retaining the base of what I wore that morning and simply adding a little something for evening - that way I don't run the risk of clashing, but still change the mood up a little bit.

    One Creed combination that was given to me awhile back is "spring fling": equal parts fleurissimo and spring flower, which is a beautiful combination.

    I imagine that layering would work best from houses with fairly simple frags: Etro or Creed, for example, but I by no means am a layering expert - in fact, quite the opposite! - so, this assumption may not be valid.

    What are your favorite layering combinations? Do you stay with one house or layer at random whatever you think would smell great? How do you decide what notes to layer? Please include any lotion and/or cream layering preferences, if you have those, as well.

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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    I really like layering Hermes fragrances, especially with the Parfum des Merveilles.

    Terry d'Hermes and Parfum des Merveilles.
    Elixir des Merveilles and Parfum des Merveilles.
    Elixir des Merveilles and Terre d'Hermes.


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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    Great idea about Hermes - I wonder how Kelly Caleche and Parfum des Merveilles would smell together, or some of the Hermessence frags layered.

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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    My absolute favourite layering combo is my Tabac Blond EDT with Creed's Fleurs the Rose de Bulgare. DIVINE! Imagine a fresh rose dropped onto a saddle seat and rubbed into the leather.
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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    Great topic - thanks Sea-light!! - and I'll be stopping in from time to time to pick up tips.

    Always the contrarian, I think of it as "collaging" rather than "layering" which to me implies piling things on top of each other. Which can be disastrous.

    I love to mix fruits and flowers (lilies or tuberose with citrus or berries) - to blend tropical accords (coconut with vanilla, mango with salt air) - pile note on note (fig on fig) - or underscore with two different formulations (Eau de Merveilles under Extrait de Merveilles).

    Almost never collage the "classics" (Mitsouko - L'Heure Bleu - most Chanels and Lancomes etc.)
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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    Tabu and Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose both work really well with other fragrances. Sometimes I'll layer Tabu over a sweet vanillic body lotion. I think Tabu would be great with an orangey scent, too, as would Tea Rose. Tea Rose smells great with lots of fragrances. What doesn't rose work with? I usually just layer just one fragrance over a body lotion. But aren't there fragrance lines that are intended to be layered, e.g., Annick Goutal? I have l'Eau d'Hadrien and that layers nicely. I also have Elizabeth Taylor's Gardenia fragrance, which smells great over drug store musk oil (I have Coty Wild Musk, Jovan, Bonne Bell - all in perfume oil form).

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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    This week I've been experimenting with adding perfume oil soliflore notes to YSL Paris Jardins Romantiques to emphasize one of the floral notes it already has (lilac, muguet and of course rose and violet). Today I've layered lilac perfume oil with it. I like the result quite a lot. Tomorrow I'll try adding a LOTV perfume oil instead.

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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    Your suggestions inspired me: today I am wearing Monseur de Monseiur (sp?) under Philtre d' Amour. Like Taolady, I also hesitate to layer classics, but the Monseur (sp?) was not as citrus as I wanted, so I went to Philtre for assistance (one of my very favorite scents neat) and it smells lovely. I only put it on the left arm because I was nervous about the result, but now I wish I'd been more generous with it!

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    Default Re: Do you have any frag layerings that you particularly like?

    Everyone pretty much knows that I love to layer many of my scents with singular notes & BBW/VS stuff, but I haven't really mixed to different frags together. I have tried the spring fling thinga-ma-giggy, but that's it. My favs are.....

    Aveda Patchouli/Vanilla Absolute/Sandalwood
    Victoria's Secret Love Spell
    Baby Magic Soft Baby Scent Lotion
    Palmers Coco Butter Lotion

    My fav Divatologist Concoctions....

    Alien + Aveda Patchouli + Baby Magic/Alien Lotion
    Belle En Rykiel + Aveda Patcholui + Baby Magic/Belle En Rykiel Lotion
    Lolita Lempicka + Love Spell Cologne Spray/Body Splash + Love Spell/Lolita Lempicka Lotion
    Magnetism/Magnetic Beat + Love Spell Cologne Spray/Body Splash + Magnetism/Love Spell Lotion
    Trouble + Aveda Vanilla Absolute + Trouble Lotion
    Black Orchid + Aveda Vanilla (for sweetness)/Aveda Patchouli (for spice) + Baby Magic Lotion
    Angel + Palmers Coco Butter/Angel Lotion
    So In Love + Aveda Patchouli + Baby Magic/So In Love Lotion
    Aimez-Moi + Coco Cabana Lotion
    Coco Mademoiselle + Aveda Patchouli + Baby magic/Coco Mademoiselle Lotion
    Delicious Night + Aveda Patchouli + Delicious Night Lotion
    Light Blue + Love Spell + Love Spell Lotion
    Badgley Mischka + Aveda Patchouli + Baby Magic/Badgley Mischka Lotion
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