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    Exclamation Buyer Beware:

    I wanted to relay my recent (and only) experience to all members. A few days ago a question about backordered items came up and answers, including mine, included advice on leaving it alone and moving on. Then I mentioned this briefly but wanted to elaborate on exactly what happened because it got even more unpleasant for me.
    Back in April I was about to get MPG's Iris Bleu Gris. I saw that FX has it at a discounted price. With a coupon, I got a great price and ordred it. A $110.00 item ending up at $84.00! Not bad. A few days later, I received an e-mail from them, stating "the item was damaged in storage" and so they couldn't sell it to me. Transaction canceled and credit card refunded.
    Over a month later, I receive my credit card statement and lo and behold, the $84.+ was never credited back. I had a lot of transactions and if I hadn't sorted it all out carefull, I would not have noticed this.
    I called them and they very quickly noticed the error and said the refund will show up in a day or two. I asked if this would be backdated since I'd be paying interest on it otherwise. She said to check on that with the credit card company! I'll need to make sure and do that but I may very well get stuck with it unless I want to spend more time on phone calls. Lesson learned:
    1) Check immediately for refunds on your credit cards. Don't wait for a statement.
    2) If you see a very expensive/exclusive item at a discount on one of these sites (inclusind otherwise "reputable" BN advertisers, including, know that they're running the oldest game in the book. They're just trying to hook you in. This includes some Creeds and "backordered," "Alert me" items.
    Just my experience. Hope it helps others.
    BTW, I got my IBG from Lusciouscargo, which I had also asked BN members about (thank you all, great experience! I bought 2 other MPG's from them and received a ton of service and samples). I'm enjoying my IBG very much (Thank you, DustB!).
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    Hmm, I'd thought they had a mostly good repuation with BNers. If you don't see it on your statement within the week you need to file a dispute with your credit card, and let FX know you've done so.
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    Default Re: Buyer Beware:

    I've heard nothing good about that vendor...

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    The few times I've ordered through them, there were no issues at all, but they were run of the mill scents. Seriously, I prefer shopping at brick and mortar - you know what you're getting and not so much temptation all the time!

    I hope your cc company understand and resolves things in your favor.

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    I ordered from them once. Within 24 hours they told me they actually were out of stock even though the item was listed as in stock. They did credit my account promptly, so no harm, but I am skeptical of vendors who cancel a lot of orders.
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    I've shopped from them a few times and I haven't had a problem at all. They were prompt and even swapped me on a bottle that I wasn't impressed with once (the box had a ding in it and I wanted a fresh looking box).
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