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    Has anyone ever heard of or tried anything by this house?
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    I had never heard of this house, goodlife, so thank you for the information!
    A quick tour on their site - - and my head is spinning....a lot of scents and on top, the bottles/packaging are lovely! Sent them an email for further info on local distribution and samples.
    I'm already hearing tiny lemming feet
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    I tried some of the fragrances a while ago, and while they all are really classy and of obviously very high quality, only one impressed me enough to buy a whole bottle: Scirocco, a warm, intense woody-patchouliy fragrance. Notes listed are bergamot, jasmine, lilac, patchouly, iris, cedarwood, musk, thyme and vetiver. Very wearable also for men, and with big sillage and longevity. More suitable for cooler days.

    I also liked Graecale and Libeccio a lot, but didn't find these too extraordinary.
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    I knew we could rely on THE ONE who knows them all....welcome back, Gerald! Missed you

    I never got a reply from on to new shores
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    Dearest LiB,
    glad to be back! Hope you're fine.
    Watch your mail :-))

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    hi all, yes PAOLO Gigli is available only from one boutique in KSA I was tempted to buy a bottle. A lot the elite local buy it. Does anyone know of how much a bottle costs? Im wondering if its cheaper out here, although I do think it is expensive. Also has anyone heard of Olivier Royal parfums?I cant find any infomation on it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you

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    Anybody tried any more from this house? Just sampling this Bahamas ( ) at the moment. Quality stuff!

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    I got a sample of Excentrique, will try it later.

    My top 16:

    1. Joop! - Homme 2. Puredistance - M
    3. Tom Ford - Tobacco vanille 4. Tom Ford - Neroli portofino
    5. Tauer - L'air de desert marocaine 6. Armani Privé - Ambre orient
    7. Bond - Harrod's oud 8. Amouage - Jubilation XXV
    9. Parf. Brückner - Aoud 1 10. Clive Christian - X
    11.Xerjoff - Regio 12. Lush - Breath of God
    13. M.Micaleff - Art collec. 102 14. Armani Privé - Figuier eden
    15. Nasomatto - Pardon 16. Heeley - Oranges and lemons ...

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    THE SITE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. I'd be interested in trying some of these too but don't see any shopping information for the US on the web.

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