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    Default Imaginary whiffs

    The other day I had waken up from sleep, had breakfast and sat down for some studying without having any fragrance on. I was no way near any of my Dior Homme samples for at least two weeks, and out of nowhere I got a clear and loud whiff of the scent. It was so real that it took me a few seconds to recognize the smell, as if I'm trying to recognize something I'm really smelling. It felt good. I had two or three similar experiences in the past few months with Terre d'Hermes and another that seemed like an Issey Miyake.

    Does this happen to you often?
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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    My mother temporarily had that kind of condition when she was on heavy doses of lithium. The condition is called phantosmia or phantom smells.

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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    Another possibility is that it got on clothing or something else. Is that possible in this case? Yet another possibility is that your sense of smell is temporarily better than usual. That happens to me when I'm trying to get out of bed in the morning once in a while.

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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    Happens to me ever so often. I kind of like it.
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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    Wow, this is sort of freaky, I was going to write a very similar post, but you beat me to it!

    I was out walking my puppy today, and some lady got in a car parked on the street and started it up, smoke erupting out of the back. As the smoke dissipated and blown towards me, I was expecting the faint smell of burning oil, but was greeted with - get this - Dior Homme.

    I hadn't smelled Dior Homme in a while, as it's not sold around here, and I still keep putting off getting a bottle (though it's becoming hard to put it off much longer), so I was left puzzled as to why my brain so clearly picked out Dior Homme rather than burning oil. Every so often I smell a fragrance when I know it's not nearby, but this was remarkably vivid and happened in quite a strange circumstance.

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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    There's either someone burning something nearby my house on a fairly regular occasion, or I'm going crazy (possible ), but I often smell vetiver in the morning. A smoky vetiver, first thing when I get to my car in the morning. Strange!
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    Default Re: Imaginary whiffs

    it happens to me sometimes too... i will get a whiff of something musky or woody and i dont know if its my natural scent or what, but its happens

    Psychology suggests that if you ever start smelling oranges randomly and for no good reason, there might be the possibility of Schitzo phrenia in the future...i always thought that was strange.
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