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    Lightbulb Divine L'homme Sage Mini-Review - My Impressions on an Underrated Niche House's Scent

    IMO, as a house, Divine is really underrated. How often do we see threads on Divine? I have recently finished my sample of L'homme Sage and have been considering whether it is bottle-worthy or not. Here's what I thought of it:

    L'homme Sage begins with a spicy blast of aromatic saffron and cardamom that recalls an Indian spice market that I have often passed through in my youth, which melds in beautifully with the bitter-sweet citrus that is hidden together with some subtle notes of fruit. We are then lead by the trail of smoky incense through the woods with little flowers along the way into a base of very lovely patchouli and amber that is complimented by some very pleasant wood notes. By that time, we have already reached a wooden log cabin -- filled with the serene scent of "being at home, with peace of mind, and away from the chaos" surrounded by the enveloping earthiness of the woods that surround the cabin. Like the sage, this scent quietly seduces with words of wisdom, not with sheer power or brute force. Simply divine!

    Okay, enough flowery language. This spicy-woody-sweet scent to me smells really smooth, sophisticated, and complex. However, I sometimes feel that a little something is missing when I wear it despite it being very rich and "3-dimensional." Maybe because it is too solemnly made without any sort of quirks or playfulness? Nevertheless, it is a very attractive and compelling blend indeed. Sillage is somewhere between okay to good --- and it stays surprisingly quite close to the skin for such a rich scent.

    So -- what do you think? Is it worth the price for you? Or should I settle with something like Dzongkha or Merchant Loup instead? The sleek 50ml spray is 75euro ... while the 150ml flacon is 150euro.
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