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    Default Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    Found an excellent deal on this so I am considering it.........but............although I love vanilla, the overly sweet 'french' vanilla chokes me and so does overdone tuberose. Anyone have any opinions they would be willing to share?

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    Maybe I need to reacquaint myself with this, but I don't recall much vanilla. It is, however, almost a tuberose soliflore, so if you're shy of tuberose I'd skip it. However, as Annick Goutal is known for, this is a very realistic floral scent and borders on being green. I like it myself.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    I've had Gardenia Passion for years, which is tuberose dominant (not gardenia at all to my nose), but I've never sniffed Passion. I've always meant to. So I'm no help (sorry). I'm sure I would like it, as I generally like this line. I'm just a bit burned out on tuberose right now. :-/

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    I love Passion. It is very well blended (jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, tomato leaf, patchouli, oakmoss, ylang ylang) so to my nose no one note really dominates the fragrance. Polished, chic, timeless and bright are words that I'd use to describe the fragrance.
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    Default Re: Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    Against all odds (tuberose usually sends me running to the hills) I love AG Passion with passion.
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    Default Re: Annick Goutal Passion? Love/loathe?

    For a long period, Passion was (almost) number one for me.

    Then I entered Basenotes, I found more other loves, which took the place of Passion.

    I can see that most Basenoters do not like Passion that much.
    But every time I smell it, I am reassured I am not wrong. I still really love it!

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