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    Is this site trustworthy?

    I ordered a bottle of Anteaus online over 10 days ago. When I called today they told me they have no record of it. I did put my e-mail; address on the order fom. Something's fishy.

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    They used to be called PerfumeBay and I've had over 30 perfect transactions with them. Always 100% for me so far.
    I'm very surprised and aside from hoping you get your transaction set right from them, I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

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    Yeah, it is.
    Do you have your email to prove your recent purchase? if that is the case, send it to them.
    Sometimes there is a confusion and you start fighting about a transaction that never happened. I did that with scentedmonkey.
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    I have ordered many times from them and have had no problems at all.
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    I've ordered from them as problems at all.
    Good luck.

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    I've done at least 100 transactions from formerly known as

    did you pay by debit/credit card?

    If you mailed a check, 10 days might be the halfway point.

    did they email you a notice that the Antaeus shipped? Was there a tracking number?

    Anyway I found something wonderful on which I'll start a new topic on.

    By the way if you joined Basenotes in 1969 as your info states, what were you buying then and where?
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    If you paid by check, it will take a while. If you paid by credit / debit card, you should have gotten an e-mail confirmation. One thing that could have happened is that you accidentally typed in the wrong e-mail addy...

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    Thumbs down Re: Beauty

    I'm using a reply for my 250th post. I paid by debit card. Got no confirmation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerby View Post
    I'm using a reply for my 250th post. I paid by debit card. Got no confirmation.
    Maybe you mistyped your e-mail address and they send the confirmation to the wrong address. Did the bank debit the money from your account?

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    Was your debit card charged? I once made a purchase online, went through the whole procedure, but like you never received a confirmation. Turned out my debit card had never been debited the amount, something obviously went wrong during the order process.

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    I have had zero problems, and am especially satisfied with the way shipments are packaged. Better in that respect than FragranceNet. Both are reliable.

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    I use Beauty Encounter quite a bit (also when they called themselves "Perfumebay"). I've never had a problem with any order and been rather pleased with their prompt delivery over the atlantic.

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    I recently placed an order with them using paypal. Placed on May 14, order shipped May 30 (delay attributable to intervening Memorial Day (US) holiday and they advertised as such on their site). I did call, however, to confirm that the order had been fulfilled, and they did confirm and apologized profusely for the delay. Otherwise, I've never had an issue with them.
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    My first order was fine but my second order was a large order. They never bothered to let me know that the item was out of stock and they were waiting for a new shipment. A week after ordering I emailed them and they let me know. I had already been charged since I used Paypal. Now 3 weeks later they finally shipped my item though I'm scheduled to receive it in a couple days. To their credit they were responsive through email though I really wish I would have been told at the time of my order that they were out of stock.
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