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    Default Men's Wardrobes (off-topic?)

    You guys are the most stylish, not to mention the best smelling, group of men I know.
    My husband is always complaining that there are tons of websites, books and magazines for women who want to dress well, but not so many for men. We are in Australia and I have not seen some of the men's magazines that cater to that here that I have seen in the US.
    Someone posted a link to this site which I have sent to him, but .... any other suggestions? He knows about the Sartorialist site, but doesn't really think it suits his style. So, help us out with some suggestions, please?
    Also, to keep this on topic -- How much do you think about matching your scent to your clothing and wardrobe, style - wise? Yeah, that is lame, but it is all I can think of.
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    Default Re: Men's Wardrobes (off-topic?)

    The Ask Andy About Clothes site is popular and possibly a tad on the conservative side. Informative and friendly. is more contemporary but seems a tad cheap to me. What is your husband's style? That would help folks give more focused results.

    There are the men's magazine sites, too, like GQ, Men's Vogue, or Maxim. Those are more trendy than something that provides a solid basis for a wardrobe. Still helpful and modern.

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    Default Re: Men's Wardrobes (off-topic?)

    Sorry, I'm going to move this to the fashion appropriate forum. Hate to be a killjoy, but not every interest is properly covered on the fragrance forums.

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    Default Re: Men's Wardrobes (off-topic?) has a number of intelligent and helpful style mavens. Probably less conservative than AAAC. Separate fora for dress (suit) wear and streetwear, which is convenient. Search before you post a question, because sometimes the pitchforks come out - such as it is with a guy-dominated site. Guard your pocketbook and take advice with a grain of salt, because some of the posters believe that all shoes under $1000 are garbage, and off-the-peg suits are not worth wearing. Those are not to be listened to unless you have $$$ burning a hole in your vaults. Overall they're a good group of guys who care about style and clothing.

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