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    Default Swiss Army re-issued as Swiss Army Classic?

    Just saw this at Kohl's. The only reason I walked over was I saw bottles and a sign that said "new". I'll assume it's the same juice with the new addition to its' name.
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    Default Re: Swiss Army re-issued as Swiss Army Classic?

    i used to have original swiss army
    it only said swiss army in the Box

    i Bought today that swiss army classic
    cap its the different, silver with a red circle inside
    it pretty much smell the same
    i dont know if they changed the juice
    But it smells asif they didn't

    very underated fragrance
    i had this a lot of times in high school
    i got kinda tired and Bored of this
    But after a while i've Being trying a lot of fragrances
    and revisiting this
    i realize it is a very good fragrance for the summer
    a lot more than a lot of fragrances that get a lot of hype here
    woody green
    not citric But somehow it is really suitaBle for the summer

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