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    Default Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    I'd like to find out which Montale from the Aoud series contains the fewest other notes along with the oudh?
    Which has the least amount of interference from other notes?
    I'd appreciate any help but please no "Montale is synthetic glob," "there's no oudh in Montales," "real oudh is this and that...," etc. I understand all of that but at this time, I'm not interested in oudh that is $600 for 3 drops. Yes, I wish I could afford it. Let's put is this way: Whatever it is that Montale calls oudh/Aoud!
    For now, the question is about Montales!
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    I'd say probably Steam Aoud. I have a bottle of it and I'm kind of on the fence. It's pretty minimal-- I don't get roses and all that other stuff in this one. I liked it at first, but something about its steam-room vibe creeps me out a little. It smells like a place that would be crawling with giant waterbugs... yuck. If I could get past that association, then I'd like it more.

    But of all the ones I've tried I'd say this one is your best bet.

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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    Bois de Aoud / Original Aoud is probably what you're looking for - nothing but Cambodian oud. However, it left me very underwhelmed.

    Here's my review:

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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    Attar is another one.

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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    If its' Montale Aoud that you want, go with Montale Original Aoud. It's aoud and nothing else. I love it and bought a large 100ml bottle of it. You'll love it.

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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    I'll say say after extensive sampling of the Montale line, there were 3 I just couldn't live without - they intoxicate me with there unique smell and all day lasting power.

    Black Aoud
    Red Aoud
    Aoud Flowers
    When I post a review or thoughts in general, don't expect a note break down or detailed information. My intent is for you to sample yourself, or have you not waste your money on a sample, as I've done. The only way you'll ever know what something smells like - is to sample.
    Only your nose can lead you the way, so follow it. Get a large piggy bank dedicated for sampling only.

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    Default Re: Which Montale Aoud with fewest other notes?

    Montale is too much of a good thing! Trying to sort out the best of the Montale line is an exercise in taking one step forward and two steps back. It's quick sand of great fragrance. The more I sample the various Montales the more I find to like about each, and the harder it is to make a decision because they are all very good. There is just not a definitive best of - when it comes to Montale aouds. It changes with yor perspective. It just doesn't make sense to own a dozen of these and probably one good one that shows aoud to good advantage will do.

    But, you want the aoud with fewest notes? Oud by itself smells awful - almost sulphorous and chemically bad. The oud seems to work wonders when it shows off combinations of notes against the oud. Oud by itself is not a pleasing aroma. All of these Montales are good because of how they play their other ingredients off of the oud:

    Black Aoud, Lime Aoud, Royal Aoud, Aoud Flowers, Attar, Aoud Damascus, Red Aoud, Golden Aoud, Whie Aoud, and Musk to Musk. What have I left out? My favorites are Lime Aoud and Musk to Musk (light aoud in MtM). But, I have appreciated every one on this list but for very different reasons. The aoud is the house note link that makes them all interesting, but by itself its not that nice.
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