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    Default creed corn tortilla note???

    hey all i just received a bunch of samples of various creeds from the PC, overall I am quite impressed by them. One thing i have recently noticed is that I found only as i can describe as a "corn tortilla type note" in both GIT and OV, i dont have enough experience to be able to pick this out but it reminds me of at a mexican restaurant when the server brings out that steaming bowl of tortillas, its clear whatever this is , is present in both GIT and OV somewhere after the first 10 mins or so of application, any ideas what im talking about , or am i just crazy,

    thank you


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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    They both contain middle notes of Iris which may account for the smell of "starch" (corn or flour) you describe.
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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    Sorry, I don't get all! Believe me, I understand corn tortillas as I am in Mexico. Nope, no tortillas in my Creeds. Orris can smell powdery but that's different from the smell of lard or corn masa (both delicious ingredients in tortillas). It's probably an accord and not a single ingredient that is doing this to you. This is the first I have heard of this phenomenon. I will check into it.

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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    I agree with Kelley. I am half-Mexican and I know very well the smell of tortillas. I do not get this from any Creed at all.

    I might enjoy smelling this accord in a fragrance, but honestly I've never smelled it.
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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    I'm hungry.
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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    Me too! I know a place in Mexico where they make the best tacos ever... It is actually very close to San Miguel de Allende I cry every time I have the opprunity to taste them...

    As for GIT and OV... I have not tested OV (I trust BN members when they say it is identical tu MC) but I get a very waxy note from GIT, a note that is not present on any other CW clone out there. It is a weird smell. I believe that is what you are reffering to: it is not pleasant.

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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    My dog's paws smell like Fritos when they get wet. Perhaps she's been sneaking into my OV.

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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note??? are so funny! I laughed out loud at that. I have definitely experienced that dog/frito smell that you are talking about.

    OK, Irish, you might as well tell me...where is this superior taco? You can get pretty good tacos here on the streets. My favorite is a stand that sells these small tacos with a slice of fresh pineapple on top. Delicious.
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    Default Re: creed corn tortilla note???

    I got a bit of a corn tortilla note from the men's Hypnose - but definitely not from GIT.
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