Gentlemen and Ladies - I have not touched Cool Water since 1991. I do recall in 91 being in my local Filene's walking by the fragrance counter and seeing a big display of it. Yes - I had to have a bottle of it and was told I was the first bottle sold! The scent made me very unique among my friends who at that time were into Eternity/Obsession Calvin was king of the men's fragrance domain at that time still.

Soon we few Cool Water wears were copied for our uniqueness and soon everyone eventually was wearing it - I lost interest and moved on....

Well just recently I had a need to get a full gift set and give it try again. You have to admit that seeing when this scent was originally launched 1985 - it was way ahead of its time! Would you not say??? It took the 90s for it to become main stream.

The set I received is the scent under the Coty Prestige label and I feel the scent has been tweaked since what I can remember in 1991. I do feel a mega dose marine note have been added and the tobacco woody base notes have been pulled in some. The feeling of the scent now is more of an air freshener that I know I have smelled some where....?

Many do state this fragrance does not last - I feel they are wrong the scent on my skin which is dry and hard to retain fragrance last for about 12 hours. Last night I left my shirt on the bathroom floor when I took a shower - this morning the bathroom smells of Cool Water from the shirt being left on the floor. Once again my mind is placing this fragrance as an air cleaner.

In closing my feeling on Cool Water - I have really grown up in my taste since then. To me today - I don't feel that Cool Water pushes the envelope enough - like how Aqua Marine does - their is better choices out in the fragrance counter for those of us who want to be trendsetters. Yet part me feels we would not have those fragrances available to us it was not for the creation of Cool Water.