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    Default Lentheric Aftershave Lotion

    Hello All,
    After browsing the Lentheric directory, and after searching extensively online, I cannot find the current version of what used to be (in the mid twentieth century) Lentheric Aftershave Lotion. Vintage advertisements from the 1940's and 1950's are for sale on Ebay, but I cannot locate the aftershave itself. Can anyone please tell me about the fragrance notes, and where I might find it or the current version of it (it's closest replica)?
    Thank you for you help!

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    Default Re: Lentheric Aftershave Lotion

    I would be very interested to know the answer to this post as well
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    Default Re: Lentheric Aftershave Lotion

    Guys, if you think something is missing from the directory, could you please let us know?

    I may end up moving this thread to the Tech Questions, Bugs, Feature Requests board if something is indeed missing from the directory.
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    Default Re: Lentheric Aftershave Lotion

    Would be very interested to hear about this--I have seen the ads and am interested in the product--I did not know that there was a current version. They are owned by UK-based Shaneel Group who has a Lentheric site but with no old fragrances and they also own: Fragranceexpert Limited, House of Worth Limited, Mayfair Perfumes Limited and
    S A Designer Parfums Limited (whoever they are--other than Worth, of course).
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