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    Default Humane Skank vs. Animale Skank

    I know there've been threads about animalic scents already, but what I want to do here (briefly) is to know about how YOU classify the skank you encounter in scents.

    My nose, for instance, identifies the skank in Lutens' Muscs Kublai Khan as purely HUMAN skank.. Oh this is sheerly a human unwashed body... nothing four legged would smell like that. And when I smell Dzing! .. the skank in that is purely ANIMAL skank.. no human body skankiness there. Just for the record... I LOVE both these scents.

    Post away your "Scent Skank Analysis Theories"

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    Default Re: Humane Skank vs. Animale Skank

    I will then wear Dzing layered with Muscs Koublai Khan tomorrow .

    .... to get that ultimate skank finally.
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    Default Re: Humane Skank vs. Animale Skank

    Human = Cumming by Alan Cumming; Eau de Hermes by Hermes; Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

    Animal = A few Oriscent natural oud oils; Rose 31 by Le Labo; Guerilla 1 by Comme des Garcons; Vierges & Toreros by Etat Libre de Orange
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