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Thread: IZOD for men

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    Smile IZOD for men

    grand stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love his aquatic. very nice and almost comforting. not ur run of the mill fresh frags. what do you guys think"?

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    I like it. I have to go back to the store and try it out again but I remember being a little more than wowed by it. Didn't feel ordinary and banal but still designer.

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    I didn't like it.
    It's like a newer, cleaner more transparent version of the original Nautica Competition.
    It's got this common note in alot of Designer frags that has an olfactory texture that irritates me. It's like a fake fresh sawmill note, very abrasive, but not that petrol cedar.
    A different abrasive wood rosin note.
    Nice enough top notes.
    Cool bottle though, and I'm sure it'll sell well.
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    I like it but I detect a note in this fragrance that smells like paste. When I was a kid a remember our school teacher give out paste during arts and craft time - and I detect that note of white paste in Izod.

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    I went back to the store today and I asked for a sample and got one. Haven't tested it yet but I smelled the tester again and it reminds me of a aromatic version of Be Delicious Men.

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    I was also pleasantly surprized with new IZOD for men. There is some similarity to DKNY Be Delicious Men, but IZOD is softer and doesn't have that coffee note which may annoy some . Nice everyday/summer fragrance for sure. I'm just wondering if it lasts.

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    I tried this on paper in a store as we were walking by quickly, and dragged the paper around with me while the wife was shopping. I was sniffing it all afternoon like a fool while my wife was looking at shoes. I was saying things like "wow!" and "this is great stuff!" for a good hour, and later, even in the car on the way back (which looked even stupider). So I agree it's a very nice, attractive scent, and the longevity on paper at least was moderately good. I'm not sure I want to move it to the front of my wish list, but my wife really likes it, and I'm hoping she might go for a bottle.

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    I reminds me of Clinique Happy for men - minus the mega orange notes Happy has.

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    I smelled it on my skin at Boscov's and my initial impression was: A fresh aquatic with a bit of citrus in the opening.

    After about an hour, my feelings were: a typical aquatic.

    After another hour: Not much left at all, although still detectable.

    Final thoughts: Good if you need a "typical" aquatic in your drobe. Otherwise, nothing special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baudilus View Post
    I smelled it on my skin at Boscov's
    That's where I went. Which Boscov's?

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