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    Talking So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    fragrance am I taking with me?! First of all, I only want to take ONE fragrance. One, and why you ask? Well, over the span of over 2 weeks, if I have to re-wear clothing items, I only want one scent LOL.

    We will be in London for 3 days, then on a cruise through the Mediterranean for 14 days. I'm really leaning towards Amarige. OzMoz had this description on their site regarding the scent:

    "Givenchy wanted to convey the bliss and joy of a summer evening by the Mediterranean."

    Now, Amarige is an interesting scent to me. Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much. I'm thinking this will be a great opportunity for it to blossom.

    I am interesting in trying Beyond Paradise, that might be the "sweet, fresh" kind of scent I'll want to remind me of Europe. Maybe??

    Anyway, 2 days after I return home I begin chemo. so I'd like to have a fragrance to remind me of the Mediterranean while I'm going through this.

    I'm also considering having a bespoke made, but I'm not quite sure about that one yet

    Suggestions? Advice? Help!!
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Oh I'm so glad you're getting to have your holiday before you begin chemo. It will give you lots of happy thoughts to arm you against fear. Bring lots of lovely souvenirs back to help you remember it all.

    Bespoke: Clemmie or Dimitri are the ones to speak to about this. Clemmie has her own frag and Dimitri visited London recently and was investigating having a bespoke fragrance made. I did see on the Floris website that they offer a full-blown bespoke service or they will customise a fragrance for you but I think that's a case of adding some ingredients to one of their existing perfumes in a bottle for you
    I believe Alaya Moriel also drops in here occasionally and might give you a perfumer's viewpoint.

    While you're in Europe, why not enjoy trying the wonderful 'indigenous' ranges? Off the top of my head, I know Acqua Di Parma has a number of great perfumes as well as the classic cologne (though that's fabulous) and there are lots of wonderful Italian perfumers that I am sinfully ignorant of.

    In London you'll find plenty of smelly things to do! (Harrods, Selfridges, Les Scenteurs, Ormonde Jayne, Miller Harris... *sigh*).

    And 'sweet fresh' to me is mimosa. But I don't know any wonderful Mimosa-based fragrances.

    Better minds than mine will soon be riding to the rescue, I'm sure.
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Amarige (has mimosa, I believe) sounds wonderful for this journey! Take that one and bon voyage!

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Miller Harris also have a bespoke service

    Have a wonderful trip.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    I just have to caution you about wearing a flower bomb like 'Amirage' on a plane. If you sat near me I would be miserable. Mimosa is an acquired taste.

    Something that is Mediterranean in feel is 'Hierbas di Ibiza' at Aedes and Annick Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien which has a tangy blend of lemon and cypress wood. Anything citrus would feel fresh and calming, I would think.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Good voyage, good health, good memories!
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    ONE perfume........?

    Lock this woman up, she's gone mad!

    Bon voyage, dear Magnolia. If you get time to post on BN, you're not doing your holiday properly.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    I'm so glad for you that you're cleared for your trip!

    Of your two choices, I'd also go with Amarige. On the other hand, why not pick up something new in London - maybe at the airport - or on your cruise? Be daring and bring no fragrance at all.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Don't wear perfume on the plane, it's horrible to sit next to someone who wears something you don't like knowing you have to put up with it for some time. Just stick to deodorant for the plane, also if you travel oftern while in Europe keep in mind that the weather can change a lot, so to be safe I'd recommend keeping it light.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    I'm going to recommend J'adore. It gets criticized (I believe) because it isn't especially distinctive, but I think it's a very lovely scent for any occasion (and versatility is important here). Plus, it has the prominent note of Champaca flower, of the Magnolia family. I find it fresh, sweet but not-too-sweet, and oh-so nicely floral. I used to love Amarige, but it definitely has presence (I too think of it as the original "flowerbomb"), and some people don't enjoy smelling it on others. I'd be surprised if anyone found J'adore objectionable. I consider this because you'll be on a boat with the same people, likely at the same dinner table, for two weeks.

    Regarding Beyond Paradise: I first tried this over a two week period recently while visiting family in Florida. It did wonderful things on me in the hot, humid weather and might work well on your cruise also. But when I wear it during more temperate weather here in the dry, California bay area it stays a bit harsh until the dry down.

    I'm SO happy that you're getting to take this trip. I read your announcement last week, but didn't respond then as I hadn't "met" you before. Now I will happily say, "Best wishes and Bon Voyage!"
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Out of your two choices, I would take ......... NONE!

    On the other hand, I had a look through your wardrobe and highly recommend taking #19 along. It is more versatile and less recognizable than Amarige, it goes with everything while I can't possibly imagine you (or anyone!) in a hot megapolis of a European capital or on a beach in either Amarige or Beyond Paradise in the heat of summer.

    I would also consider a possibility of taking 2-3 decants of your most favorite fragrances to suit different moods and various occasions and check City Shopping Guide for fragrant purchases. By all means treat yourself to perfume shopping while in Europe, please!

    If it were to be one'n'only, I would go with something light floral and easy going (if you do not want to invest a large amount of money into something you are not sure about, get something small for 5-10-15-20 dollars from your BBW shop, they are conveniently having a semi-annual clearance right now. What is 15-20 dollars compared to an airfair and accomodations fee?). Plus 2 or 3 decants.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    As for Amarige.....when the temp soared to 95 degrees? I know this one is just not possible!! Yikes. I love mimosa and tuberose but wow. No way.

    I'm thinking I'll take faithful 24 Faubourg. Always pleasant and appropriate, never offends. And THEN I'll buy one, or 12 new scents in Europe

    I've not sniffed Beyond Paradise but according to Luca Turin, I just *must*!! Hmmm many mixed reviews on that one for sure.

    It just dawned on me just how insane this "predicament" would seem to people who don't share my fetish So glad there are those who understand me!!

    ((((fellow basenoters))))

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Have a fabulous time, and try lots of wonderful scents. I hate to echo others, but...Amarige is a tad intense for confined spaces, and it becomes more 'outgoing' as the temperature rises. 24 is also fabulous, but becomes 'excited' as the temperature rises also, but it might work. I saw someone mention No. 19, that would probably be much more versatile. Regardless of what you wear for scent, I know it will be a glorious time, and who knows, you may have your own scent custom done for you...chic alors! But even if you have your own done, buy lots of yummy scents..."cause your worth it!"
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    24 Faubourg is a very good choice! (plus 2-3 decants!)

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    First off, Magnolia, I am so glad you are going on your trip. You will have a wonderful time with many memories that you will treasure forever.

    I had not responded before because I used to love Amarige a few years ago and then retried it quite recently and found that I absolutely detest it now (I actually swapped the bottle I got as a gift to another Basenoter). I did not want to express my opinion but seeing where so many have now, I am with them. Take something else other than Amarige. Too heavy handed for a Mediterranean cruise. You need something light and sunny, perhaps one of Guerlain's Aqua Allegorias would be appropriate.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    And don't forget to start a thread on 'what should I see in the places I'm going to visit' - with suggestions on the kind of things you enjoy doing (visiting museums, looking at super-modern Art, shopping in haute couture boutiques, wandering through fleamarkets, eating fancy cuisine, eating down-home cooking, drinking in swanky bars, drinking in atmospheric pubs...) If you tell us the cities you'll be visiting, I know the Basenoters will come up with wonderful suggestions on where to go and what to see.
    You might have to post the thread on the 'off-topic' board, but tell us it's there and we'll all pile in with ideas!
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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    Have a lovely trip and make sure you sniff a lot of perfume! Sounds so much fun.
    Amarige could work in London if the weather gets cool but I think it is too strong and heavy for the Med this time of the year. I'd definitely get something local, like Acqua di Parma. Their colognes smell like summer to me.

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    Default Re: So, I am cleared for Europe, what....

    I think you should buy yourself something very special while you're in London : ). People love visiting the Ormonde Jayne shop, so that might be a good place to find something.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and good luck when you get back.

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