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    Default Creed Authenticity

    Im looking to purchase a discounted bottle of Creed MI, possibly off ebay, more preferrable on forums as im gauranteed its authentic.

    Im guessing theres no way to tell on ebay whether or not something is authentic correct?

    I was wondering if this was authentic.

    Or if anyone could direct me to purchase a bottle for about/under $90.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Creed Authenticity

    I'd stay far far away from eBay when it comes to Creed.

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    Default Re: Creed Authenticity

    This is a frequent question here. Is X Creed authentic?

    I beg you to run a search and see the previous threads about what things members think distinguish Creed bottles.

    There are also plenty of posts about online sellers of Creed products at less than their brick and morter retail price.

    Otherwise, and most importantly, Basenotes members can't know for sure about what's authentic out there. We just can't know and can't put you at ease. If you don't want to be worried, you have to buy the stuff at full retail--advice from Basenotes members can't make up the difference in the price. Please remember, we can't smell the stuff.

    I don't like thinking that I come across as a jerk by telling a member to use the search function, but I beg you to do it.
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    Default Re: Creed Authenticity

    Please run a search for, not ways to tell if it's real, but warning signs that suggest that it's not authentic.

    You are almost guaranteed a fake if you're looking at a 4.2 ounce Creed on eBay.

    Anyway, to address the link you posted:

    Seller: Member since 2001 but hasn't sold anything except four items in the past month, and only bought one item in 2005. Now is selling several bottles of the three most popular creeds, with no actual pictures.

    Looks like the account was hijacked. My confidence that this bottle is authentic: 0%.

    Paypal's new policy might be to blame - new accounts with less than a certain number of verified transactions are not allowed to access the funds paid to them for up to 30 days, or shorter if the item delivery was confirmed, the seller received feedback for the item, etc. So people hijack older accounts in order to appear more trustworthy than they really are.
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