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    Default Clinique Tailoring Pure Cologne

    I fell asleep at the bidder's wheel and missed my opportunity to bid on "Clinique Tailoring" at our favorite auction website.

    Anyone on here the winner?

    Is this cologne something that I should seek out? It caught my eye only because I've recently purchased Clinique Chemistry from a fellow BN'er and absolutely love it!

    "Happy" is just "ok" for me. It doesn't really shoot me into the stratosphere like Chemistry does.

    There's only a couple of reviews of Tailoring on here.

    Comments appreciated!
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    Default Re: Clinique Tailoring Pure Cologne

    This was my favorite many years ago. I went through multiple bottles. I was very upset when it was discontinued, to say the least.

    It was nothing like Chemistry or Happy to me. I was a lavendar, woody, tonic like scent. Light but very tenacious. It had some depth and nice longevity. Absolutely unlike anything I had previously tried and I cannot think of anything else that is like it today. I wish I could describe it better for you but the whole scent picture escapes me now, only the fond memories remain and the wish that just like Nicolle Miller, Giorgio and Red, this one would be put back into production.

    As far as I recall, it was never available in a spray bottle, only splash. That makes me worry a bit about remaining stock. I've seen it available for stupid prices at a couple of websites and on E-Bay. I've had the impulse but ultimately the prices were too much and as mentioned, I worry about how the juice has survived.

    I truly think it was ahead of it's time and that if it made a comeback, it would be well received now.
    I'd love to read your impressions if you get a chance to try it. If you can get it for a good price, I say go for it. And BTW, at one point Tailoring was also available in a plastic travel bottle. I've never seen that stock but it could still be out there.


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