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    Talking *****Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame ~ new fragrance *****

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    I was going to post that I can't wait to see what the bottle will look like...until I opened the link. Oh well. Looking forward to testing it when I see it.

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    I was reading somewhere that someone who pre-tested it at the launch party said that it smells like "cherry pop as soon as you uncap it". (Read: it's a fruity floral, and BPI is going after the 18-30 year old set with this one.)

    Still, it will be out in September, and I can bet that the BPI rep here will be happy, as she's wanted a new women's fragrance for eons, even if it appeals to teens and young adults. Hey... hook 'em while they're young with Ma Dame, and they'll move on to Classique...
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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