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    Talking *****Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame ~ new fragrance *****

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    I was going to post that I can't wait to see what the bottle will look like...until I opened the link. Oh well. Looking forward to testing it when I see it.

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    I was reading somewhere that someone who pre-tested it at the launch party said that it smells like "cherry pop as soon as you uncap it". (Read: it's a fruity floral, and BPI is going after the 18-30 year old set with this one.)

    Still, it will be out in September, and I can bet that the BPI rep here will be happy, as she's wanted a new women's fragrance for eons, even if it appeals to teens and young adults. Hey... hook 'em while they're young with Ma Dame, and they'll move on to Classique...
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