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    I was in a AJ Wright store today (which is a very low-end TJ Maxx store), and I decided to check out their colognes. Their selection gives "bottom of the barrel" new meaning.

    I did come across an oddity made me laugh out loud. "ok4u2" cologne for men, which is meant to copy ckin2u. I have to give them credit -- they really outdid themselves as far as knock offs go. The bottle, the packaging, the smell -- a cologne clone's dream!



    I pointed out in another thread that ckin2u's top notes smell a lot like Hollister's SoCal. After about 10 minutes though, that fades away into nothingness. With ok4u2, it smells like SoCal and stays that way for quite awhile. It's just not as strong/harsh as SoCal. The company could easily rebottle ok4u2 as some kind of SoCal knock-off and I think they'd sell a LOT!

    At any rate, after this success, I'd say it was pretty short sighted. I get the impression that ckin2u is not a big seller? Correct me if I am wrong on that.

    Oh, and this work of fiction cost me $3.99.

    I'd say it's the best knock-off I've ever smelled (with the various Sean John Unforgivables of the world coming in a close second).

    Speaking of Unforgivable, they did have a knock-off of that too called "Unforgettable." That made me laugh too. The box looked good but the bottle was not as good a copy as this.
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    Is ckin2u that bad that even the knock-off is better?
    Has anyone smelled the unjustifiable, the knock-off of unforgivable?

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    I bought a bottle of Unjustified. And for 10$, its good stuff :P Lasts alot longer than Unforgivable too
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    OK4U2 looks (and sounds) like an energy drink!
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    Unjustified.. hahha what a name man

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    I want a copy of "ck IN2U" called "cu L8TR" which smells like rancid kelp.

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    The funny thing is when I first glanced at the box I actually thought it said "ok2bU" and immediately imagined how it could be marketed quite well to the GLBT community.

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    Too bad you probably don't have acces to a brand called 'Creation Lamis', Atrac. Pretty well known in some parts of Europe and they specialize in these knock-offs.

    Here's a pic of their 'Drakkar Noir'

    and this one is the Kenzo Flowers knock off.

    and this is 'Le Male', as you can see it's called 'Cat Suit'.

    And they have dozens more. The funny thing is, they don't try to resemble the names, instead they only concentrate on the bottles as you can see.

    In blind tests they usually score pretty high actually, many times they even beat their real counterparts...

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    Wow, those are quite impressive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony87 View Post
    I bought a bottle of Unjustified. And for 10$, its good stuff :P Lasts alot longer than Unforgivable too
    I sampled it at a grocery store a while ago... I bet theyll start to make fake MIs full of that stuff.

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