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    Default "summer edition" scents

    So I've been trying out the scents that some of you recommended to me in the previous thread, and none of them really stood out to me until my friend Rich came up to me and said here, try this, and he handed me a bottle of Very Irresistible Summer Cocktail. I scoffed at him, telling him the first V.I. was total garbage, then shook my head and reluctantly sprayed it on.

    I shook my head again -- in disbelief. This was unbelievable. I'm going to buy a bottle tomorrow. Now, though, I'm intrigued by various summer scents of the mainstream, generic fragrances I have come to frown upon. I sort of realized I've been going about this summer-fragrance thing all wrong; I don't need the class and prestige of a niche scent that's executed elegantly and without flaw... I need something wild and immature. My idea of classy at age 19 is me wearing my Diesel jeans with a nice polo, with matching Zoo York skate shoes -- not an Armani suit and shoes.

    It's not that my taste of niches has gone down the drain; it's that as of right now, they're not suitable for me. They're so perfect that they bore me; I want something that tries too hard to be refreshing and has its imperfections. That's summer-time fun for me.

    So I've compiled a list here of things I cannot find around me; in my Sephora or the local Parfumerie (which I believe I am not welcome in anymore... long story!) so I'm wondering if people here can attest to the youthful immaturity of some of these scents... and if someone were to possess a bottle, I wouldn't mind paying for a little sample *nudge nudge wink wink* Here goes:

    Cool Water Summer Fizz
    Cool Water Game (believe it or not, cannot find it)
    Cool Water Frozen (same as above)
    Aramis Life Summer
    Burberry Summer
    Tommy Hilfiger Summer
    Kouros Summer
    Issey Miyake Summer
    Cafe-Cafe Puro Iced
    212 Ice
    OP Juice (Ocean Pacific)

    That's all I can think of for now. Anybody have any ideas if they're good or not? I'm trying to scrounge up samples from website who may have them, but it's difficult. Thanks!

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    Default Re: "summer edition" scents

    JPG Le Male Summer
    YSL Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient
    CK1 Summer
    CK Eternity Summer
    YSL M7 Fresh (some consider this a summer scent)
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    Default Re: "summer edition" scents

    I havent had good experiences with summer-edition frags. Issey Miyake 07 summer lasted not 45 minutes on me. In my experience, most of them are 'light' versions of the original, in both smell and strength.
    Le Male summer smelt to me like le Male + windex. I guess if you like windex...

    So far, some exceptions are M7 Fresh, and the various Opium interpretations. I'm sure there are loads more others worth a try... Eg the various Cool Water incarnations.
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    Default Re: "summer edition" scents

    Yeah I wasn't so fond of Le Male Summer. It smelled like a watered-down version of the original, which is stifling in the summer.

    I tried to find M7 Fresh but they don't have any of those where I live, and CK1 Summer / Eternity summer aren't so bomb diggity. I like the others a tad bit more; and I'm hoping there's at least one store I can go to to find these.

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